Hi, we are Jorinde & Nadiim, bucket list travellers always planning trips to dream of! Welcome to Mixing Cultures, your travel community & specialist for worldwide travels! Besides that, we are your helping hand for setting up your very own travel blog with tips & tools to give you a kickstart towards success!

We share our adventures and create bucket list-worthy content all year round. We love to mix things up as a mixed couple with mixed cultures, dreams and adventures that are shared with love on our blog and Instagram. We support and inspire you to explore and discover the wonderful world. Maybe even in ways, you would never imagine. Like in different cultures, solo trips or trips out of your comfort zone.

It is our ultimate goal to:

Bring a smile to your face
Support you to create and tick off your own travel bucket list
Inspire you to chase your own dreams to explore the world, or to set up your own dream travel blog
Provide you all the worldwide tips and information to make it easier and to not miss out on the best

The start of Mixing Cultures

Do you know those love stories, when someone goes abroad and meets the love of their life? Well, that’s us! We met on the beautiful island of Mauritius in 2015 and managed to get a partner visa for The Netherlands 3 years later. We then started to explore the world as a mixed couple.

We share a great passion for travelling, photography and videography. We captured terrific memories with our camera, GoPro and drone but kept them stuck on our hard drives. Just like many discovered secrets and obtained knowledge. What a waste!

That is why we started Mixing Cultures in the summer of 2020! We will provide more information in the blogs: including travel tips & tricks, itineraries, bucket list destinations and other blog-worthy & fun topics. All prepared and shared with love!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website. Please get in touch, we are looking forward to connecting with you! Would you like to be entertained daily? Follow us on Instagram!

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“Don’t dream your life, but live your dreams!”

Most Asked Questions
How do you manage to travel the world with a job?

Travelling while having a fulltime job does not always seem possible for everyone. We are here to show you differently! There are several ways to experience a life full of travels.

How did you build your blog and social network from scratch?

We did not have any experience in any of this. Starting from a blog on WordPress.com (easiest but very limited) we quickly dug deeper into all resources and started with self-hosting and building a new blog. Challenge yourself and understand that anyone as a rookie can make it all happen! When you have the motivation and a goal to work towards to you will get there step by step. Soon we will provide more blogs about this topic.

Where do you get all the knowledge from, do you have a background in the travel industry?

Correct! Jorinde has a background in the travel industry working for travel agencies and tour operators. What a fun environment to work in! Still, the best experiences to share come from the adventures themselves. We have a very broad interest in types of travelling that is also helpful. One day we travel with a backpack, the other day we enjoy a luxurious resort.

About Mixing Cultures
Why the name Mixing Cultures?

The name Mixing Cultures was one of the first names that came up when brainstorming. When reading our international love story and addiction for travelling you might understand now what the name ‘Mixing Cultures’ stand for; we are mixing cultures in our adventures around the world, our love story and daily life.

Do you accept collaborations for promoting a destination, product or company?

Would you like to partner up? We are looking forward to working together; giving your brand, destination or product more attention to travellers worldwide. This could be through a social media post, blog post on the website or any other channels and creative ideas. Please contact us and see how we can make it a success story together!

What are your next steps with Mixing Cultures? 

Stay tuned 😉

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