South of France – Travel Spots Navigator (Google Maps)


Never feel lost in new and unexplored destinations again! With pleasure, we introduce the Travel Spots Navigator with Google Maps – your ultimate travel companion. Say goodbye to wasting precious travel time and hello to seamless exploration.

Packed with over 400 (!) destination-specific travel spots in the Provence and French Riviera, it’s your one-stop solution for easy travel planning and hassle-free navigation. From discovering the best restaurants to uncovering villages, viewpoints, hiking trails, beaches, and much more!

No more endless research and manual pinning on Google Maps – it’s time to go with the travel flow! With access to our personal Google Maps, you can finally effortlessly uncover the best spots and attractions in a few clicks. Let us streamline your journey, so you can focus on making unforgettable memories!

What comes next in the buying process:

Please provide us with your GMAIL EMAIL in the notes of your order to have full compatibility with Google Maps. Your first step will be to access the downloadable installation manual, which will guide you through the setup process. Expect to receive an invitation to join our Travel Spots Navigator in Google Maps within 48 hours*, unlocking exclusive access.

*Please note that the timeframe of 48 hours may vary depending on factors such as processing time and delivery speed.


What can you expect?

Our recommendations include a wide variety of categories. From restaurants with culinary highlights, to historical sights, cultural experiences and local tours. Happy exploring! This map is created to help you navigate easily. You are free to select the travel spots you wish to visit. 

In summary:

  • Over 400 travel spot locations!
  • 12 different categories like beaches, viewpoints, road trips, restaurants and different types of activities
  • Unique Travel spots – never shared before in our blogs!
  • Restaurants with a great variety of culinary highlights, impressive views and special locations
  • Active spots for hiking, water activities or boat rental
  • The must-sees in 21 different villages and cities
  • Unlimited access (whenever, wherever…)
  • Free updates!

How to install the map?

Your first step will be to access the downloadable installation manual, which will guide you through the setup process.

Will you receive future updates?

Yes, the world of travelling is constantly changing and developing. Therefore, when the map will be updated, it will also be available for you at no extra cost.

What are the compatible devices?

Access to the map will be available on devices compatible with Google Maps, using the Gmail email account linked to your purchase. If your email is not a Gmail account, you can only open a limited version through the internet browser.


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