25 Reasons to start a blog, the truth!

Do you have a dream, but need some more convincing reasons to start a blog? Do you want to start making money online? Or do you need a creative outlet? We share all 25 of them! Some are reasons for you personally, business-wise or in general. Obviously from our own experience – genuine and no secrets. Because why should we keep the reasons to ourselves if we can boost you a bit more to make your dream come true? Most travel bloggers have an untamable desire to share their experiences. Let your creative energy flow and start a travel blog before 2023!

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What are the reasons, why start a blog?

That is a question that is asked often. The big WHY? It is always good to ask yourself, even if it is just to be sure that you have a passion and can keep up the hard work. If there is no urgent “why” for you, why would you then start right? The are numerous benefits of blogging to mention. Many of them are covered in the reasons to start blogging below. Besides being able to share your experiences, a big WHY should be for your own personal development.

The kind of growth and development you will go through is INSANE! You can learn new skills or improve your writing skills. Moreover, do not underestimate the valuable life lessons you could have when entering the fun blogging community. Personal challenges come your way if you want to have a successful blog!

Should you start a blog in 2022?

Do you often have in mind “Should I start a blog in 2022?” Isn’t it too late to start a blog? Is blogging worth it in 2022? Yes, you are perfectly on time to start! Blogging is still worth it. Just have a look at the 25 reasons to start a blog already. Not just because the blogging life is fun, but also because of your own blogging purpose. You need to make your dream come true. It may be a purpose to inspire others, or to make an online career out of it for yourself!

Besides that, it is clear that the digital world is still booming and people are searching for all information on the world wide web. Seeing the results of new bloggers starting recently, the visitors they attract and the money they make, blogging is still a business! So the next time you ask yourself “should I start a blog”? The answer is yes!

However, we do recommend having a clear vision and strategy to be unique and easy to find in between all other blogs. You will beat this through the niche you pick, the type of blog that you start and by knowing what is required. Think of understanding the technical aspects of blogging or SEO. To have a successful blog does mean that you need to set some budget aside and time and effort.

Blogging for beginners – who have reasons to start blogging

Reasons to start a blog, why start a blog, How to start a blog, should I start blogging

Have you just started a blog or want to start? We know, it can be a scary path to start with. Therefore we have a great Ebook ready for you with many tips for blogging for beginners. We truly take your hand step by step all the way to having your blog live on screen!


But what is the best place to start a blog? We help you with Siteground as the hosting party and WordPress to write blog posts. When to start a blog? It depends on your topic! But we highly recommend you publish your blog content a minimum of 6 months before the high season or date that people start looking for the topic.

25 reasons to start a blog

And a few especially for the new travel bloggers out here! Scroll down to reasons 20 – 25.

1. You have valuable knowledge

You know your topic and want to share all the knowledge you have. These could be travel experiences, tips or other life experiences. In the end, the great thing is that your blog is your platform to share whatever you want! This is already a great reason to start a blog as you have full control and all is in your own hands. Even if you think that you do not have unique knowledge, you might be surprised! Each mind and heart brings something unique to a story 😉

2. Problem solver is your second name

In general, people look online to find a solution to their problems. These don’t have the be first-world problems but can be small or unique. And you are here for them! Connected to the valuable knowledge that you have you will help them further with their issue. It could be to fix something, to save money on travel planning or to help them to pick the right products if they cannot figure it out themselves. How satisfying is that?

3. You are a great storyteller

When you have new blog post ideas, it is important that it is also engaging and entertaining. Are you the storyteller in the group or at birthday parties? Then blogging is an amazing way of expressing yourself to the whole world. Expand your reach and entertain the crowd! You will even entertain yourself with your new network and community you enter or create.

4. You need a creative outlet

Starting a blog truly requires you to be creative. It is not just about the colours, design or layout. But also in your writing style and topics to cover. If you are creative, blogging is the platform for you! I also started blogging because I missed a creative outlet in my full-time job. The job was much focused on problem-solving, but did not satisfy me in keeping my creative brain running. Time to find more creative joy in setting up your very own travel blog!

5. Developing some new skills is a must for you

The main reason to start a blog could be your personal development! Truly, it is fascinating to see your growth over the months of starting, setting up and launching a travel blog. I mean, hands up if you are a rookie that wants to start building a website. I know there are many, including myself one day! Writing skills, minimum? Building a website? Sure I can do that? Understanding SEO? I can do that? Overall many more fears and doubts crossed my mind. But step by step you will gain more knowledge and new skills that are very valuable. You can be proud of all the things that you are learning!

6. To earn money would be nice

Many bloggers start as a hobby and slowly it grows into a side hustle. That little extra is more than welcome, you work hard for it right? However, it is not everyone’s dream to become a full-time blogger. Maybe you just like to have some extra earnings with affiliate marketing or with collaborations for social media posts. It is satisfying and you will still do other things for your income on the side.

7. You are stepping up to a great business

You can also take it a step further and start building a great business. And yes, you can make money blogging! It is even known that you can make more money having a professional website or blog with shop and authority. When you want to stay in the blogging business you could also do freelance writing, create digital products or write paid blog posts for products or companies. There are many things you can do to make money and start a business!

8. Freedom, you are your own boss!

Doesn’t that sound insanely attractive? Haha! This is often the main reason to start a blog. You decide on your voice, your stories, your work, the hours that you work on it and when. The pleasure is all yours and the money you make will go into your own pocket. Do not underestimate the work that needs to be done to run your business. As a blogger boss, you need to have quite all-around knowledge like copywriting skills, website builder, marketing, content creator, doing accounting or taxes for your business etc. You will be exposed to many new things!

9. You can work remotely with flexible hours

Even though you might have to deal with some deadlines or a consistent plan for publishing blog posts or on social media. In general, you have the freedom of flexible hours and you can work from wherever in the world you want. Need to drop the kids at school in the morning? No worries. Or is that yoga class waiting for you in the middle of the day? Go for it!

10. Starting a blog is doable for all

It might look difficult and the doubt can keep you awake. But really, it is like anything in life. You just need to start and do it. Soon it will all be easy and common practice for you. Starting a blog is also possible for any passion, hobby or industry. Even if you think you cannot blog in your company, you could! Think of accountancy firms that blog about new updates or frequently asked questions. There is no boundary for blogging.

11. You can start a blog for free (even if we don’t recommend it)

What other reason to start a blog do you need? You do not need a big investment to start a blog. There are several websites that offer to create a blog at no cost. However, we do not recommend this. It might look very interesting when you start. But soon you will realise and understand the many limitations you are facing. Especially if you want to grow or start a business, a (small) blogging budget monthly is required. Our Ebook will also help you if you decide to start a blog for free.

12. Become an expert and grow authority

Slowly you will grow what people will get to know you for. The more valuable content you share, the more your community will see you as an expert. They will knock on your door for help, or buy your services. They know where to find you and return to your blog on multiple occasions. You create a true authority position, and they will listen to the information that you share. Besides that, it will challenge you as well to keep your skills and knowledge up to date to keep that authority position and be the first to share the news.

13. You can truly inspire others

When you share your valuable information and do this in an engaging and entertaining way, you can be sure that you inspire others. This could even already be that they will visit the same restaurant that you recommended. Or they will visit a country that was never on their bucket list. There are many ways to inspire others in ways you cannot even imagine before starting a blog!

14. Meet new like-minded friends all around the world

It is so easy to make new friends in the blogging world. This could be with other bloggers, who you should not see as competitors! You will meet like-minded people with whom you can share your thoughts, struggles and successes. Some that friends of your non-blogging world will never understand. You can grow together and support each other through thick and thin!

15. You can start your own community

This is a fun reason to start your blog! Why should you not connect with all the people you meet in a special way? Slowly you will create a community of, for example, followers. They can even connect with each other and together you can be one happy community of sharing and caring! We even have seen meet and greats on location or other ways of cooperation between community members.

16. You can start a career switch

If you can run a blog, you can do a lot! Are you currently unsure about the direction you are heading with your job? Tired of the job? It is not as challenging anymore? Blogging is a perfect way to look for new opportunities while still working on your original job. You do not have to take big risks immediately to get your blog off the ground while having the security of your fixed income. Blogging is also a long-term process. There is a lot to learn and success doesn’t come overnight. You can continue to develop your skills, and when the time is right take that big step of a career switch. Even if it is in another fixed job, where you can use your experience and knowledge of your own blog in for example marketing!

17. Waking up doing what you love

You can decide on everything that you do with your blog. This responsibility can trigger you to take a step up and truly do what you love! You might realise waking up easier in the morning, or not being able to shut off your laptop. And the best is that you do not have to work on projects anymore that your boss assigned to you, or work with clients that are annoying you big time. You decide on what and with who you work. You can say yes and no to what you need!

18. A blog keeps you adventurous

This is a great reason to start a blog. No matter what your niche is, you need to keep getting out there for new content! If it is for new knowledge, skills or travel adventures to write about. If you slow down, so do your business and blog. Google also wants to see new content regularly so you need to keep showing up. And of course, you love that because you are fully into your blogging adventure!

19. Goodbye to the comfort zone, open up to new things

You cannot keep your walls of the comfort zone up fully. If you want to start your blog, you need to be open to new experiences. One big challenge for me was to start looking into the accounting needs and tax regulations for the business side. It is surely the most boring part. If it was up to me I would write all day long! But nope, goodbye to the comfort zone of the words and letters. Time to dig into the numbers!

Reasons to start a blog, should I start blogging, start a travel blog

20. You know all the best travel hacks

Which travel blogger doesn’t share some nice travel hacks? It is great if you have some unique ones! Especially if you make a Reel or Tiktok about it, you can attract a lot of people. Hacks are what people LOVE! You help them, solve their problem or save them a lot of money. All the ingredients for an engaged community that will keep looking out for you.

21. You are the travel agent for your friends and family

Everyone always knocks on your door for travel tips. They want to visit the destinations that you experienced already and want to know all the recommendations. They might book the same hotel or they want you to find that good ticket deal. Does that sound familiar? Then it is a no-brainer and a great reason for you to start a travel blog. And hey, if your close surrounding appreciates your advice, so will others in the world.

22. You know all the hotspots

Hotspots are all we want! We do not want to end up in dull places right? Hotspots do not have to mean Instagram-hyped places, but could also be unique spots that you should not miss out on. We see it a lot nowadays with restaurant recommendations or hotels. Short Reels or Tiktoks truly inspire people to visit certain hotspots. But please, keep some as unique as they are.

23. You can start group trips

It seems to be a new trend! Travel bloggers or influencers are starting group trips. Especially if you have a bigger following you organise the trip and your followers or community can book their spot on the tour. Sometimes it is all for fun and other times it also includes educational moments like photography or social media courses on location. How fun is it if you can enjoy this with your own community?

24. You can connect with travel companies

A monetary reason to start a blog could be to connect with travel companies. They might want to work with you to promote products or accommodations. This could be for free or include payments. There are also many travel organisations that organise press trips. Together with a tourism board, they invite you to write content to promote their country. It is also a great opportunity to work on your network with other bloggers.

25. Above all, enjoy it to the fullest!

This should be your start and end goal! To enjoy the process through all its ups and downs. Or through all sleepless nights when your creative brain keeps thinking of new ideas. Oh, we had many of these! But also days of doubt, not knowing where to take the next steps. It is okay to slow down a bit when needed. Most important is that you still enjoy the ride and have the full energy to create that blog that you are so proud of and with the right blogging purpose.


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