Most wanted travel deals: Summer holidays in Europe

Summer holidays in Europe are going to be hot this summer! With the world slowly opening up after COVID-19, world travellers, in particular, are ready to go out and explore again. It is most likely that Europe will be accessible for many in and outside Europe. We are bringing the summer holidays a little closer with two incredible deals for cheap holidays in Europe. Time to book the tickets and pack the bags. Travel to Europe in 2021!

We will cover the following deals to make sure you do not miss out on anything:

  • Summer holidays in Europe inspiration
  • Summer break in Europe
  • Beach hopping in Europe

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Summers holidays in Europe

Find more inspiration for your Europe trip in one of our blog post below. From the Netherlands to Italy and Portugal.. a surprisingly diverse collection that makes Europe a perfect travel destination. Due to the relatively short distances, visiting several countries is highly recommended.

About travel deals

We love to share some nice deals we find on the market. Often we receive questions about how we actually find those cheap tickets. Therefore it is a pleasure to help you find them. We are not sponsored for promoting these deals. Generally, these are deals to multiple destinations to visit by airplane or train and the costs are per person. Please check the tabs to find more information per destination in summary and a referral to other blog posts with detailed information.

Please note that the travel deals can increase in prices after the day of posting this blog. After all, a high increase in bookings or other factors will impact the costs obviously. Make sure you book on time! Also be aware that this is excluding check-in luggage, depending on the airline. However, due to a variety of airlines used for the trip the costs are calculated on hand luggage only.

Travel deal: summer break in Europe

Summer holiday in Europe, travel deal Europe

The city that can be used as a starting point for this trip. Of course you can also travel from other destinations.

Croatia won quite some hearts in the past years seeing the high increase in tourism in Dubrovnik. Especially after the successful tv show Game of Thrones. All in all the city is a perfect summer destination next to the sea, a wonderful historical environment and nice day trips in the close surrounding.

Want to know more? Check out the website of Lonely Planet Dubrovnik.

Firstly, Lisbon is one of a kind! and Secondly, a must-visit when in Europe. Do not stick to just Lisbon during this visit and go around along the beautiful coast of Portugal. In the end, you must take the train to Porto and surely spend some time here before you hop on the next flight. Want to know more about Lisbon? Check out our blogpost stopover series: wonderful Lisbon in one day

Malta is one of the gems in the Mediterranean Sea, close to the coast of Africa. With a perfect climate you can visit the island all around. Even though the city and village might be attractive to keep strolling around. Surely take a drive along the coast for some picture-perfect swimming spots with incredibly turquoise waters. Read more about Malta in this travel guide of Nomadic Matt.

Welcome to Italy! In brief: spectacular! Naples is a lovely city to walk through, but as much as it might be tempting to stay here we do recommend you to go out and explore the coast towards the Amalfi coast! Whenever in Italy, you cannot skip a pizza. And where better to enjoy this on a boat during sunset watching the beautiful villages on the rocky coastlines. Visit the official website to plan your day to day trip.

Sun, beaches, jet-set and lastly day trips to wonderful places in the close surrounding. Nice will welcome you with open arms for a French experience with Mediterranean influences. If you do wish to leave the city we highly recommend you to visit Monaco or Menton. As can be seen in our blog post France to Italy, an epic South European roadtrip

Lisbon in one day, Lisbon Portugal, Lisbon travel


2 weeks beach hopping

Obviously one of the best cities with a beach. Barcelona is full with hotspots and highlights that you will enjoy without a doubt. Enjoy a moment to shop some new beach items, stroll down the Las Ramblas and a dip in the ocean at the end of the day. Surely Barcelona will become one of your favorites. More inspiration? Check HERE.

The second-largest island in the Mediterranean sea and part of the inspiring country Italy. You will be surprised that this island is actually in Europe with incredibly blue waters and stunning beaches. For this reason, you could fool us that it’s the Caribbean! Sardinia is an ultimate destination for an island trip all around with a car, or to rent a boat for some day trips on the water. Lonely Planet will guide you around.

After two lovely destinations, it is time to touch down in another country. Crete in Greece is welcoming you now! Crete is such a diverse island, it truly has something for every type of traveller. Enjoy historical sights and stories, followed by active adventures and lastly to visit some wonderful beaches. For more inspration check HERE.

Do you know that song “wow we’re going to Ibiza?”. In short, it’s fantastic! It is a unique scene on its own with jetset and the best parties. However, there are also many opportunities to disconnect from that lifestyle. For example, Ibiza has great options for yoga and bohemian influences. Want to know more, check this great article from Hostelworld.

How are you going to spend your summer holidays in Europe? Europe is ready to welcome you! Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions.

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