5 prettiest beaches worldwide, your bucketlist would love to tick off

Prettiest beaches worldwide that you need to visit, especially if you love feet in the sand, sun, sea and salty hair. Often we would go only to beach destinations to have the ultimate holiday feeling! We would love to share some special beaches with you that we visited in different parts of the world from Fiji to Mexico – 5 beaches for your bucketlist! Did you ever visit a black beach or one from a movie scene? Check out below!

5 prettiest beaches worldwide

Fiji islands

The place that gives you the feeling that you are on a private island and want to be lost here forever. Visiting Fiji was always a wild dream. It was one of those destinations that felt unrealistic to ever go to. But this is a real-life example that dreams do come true!

Setting foot on the main island already felt special. Then we moved on to “Mana Island”. What a breathtaking moment flying over the prettiest waters and small tropical islands. From here we already noticed that the beaches are perfectly white and long stretched all around the land.

Did you know that the movie “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks was filmed in Fiji on Modriki Island? It is a special place to visit and easy to do by boat trip. You cannot stay at the island itself unless you get lost like Tom Hanks 😉

Prettiest beaches, Fiji, Fiji Mana Island, paradise island

Mauritius (prettiest beaches alert!)

If you know us and our background, you could expect that our tropical island Mauritius would be on this list. And not just because the island really has the best to offer! You can find dreamy beaches in whatever direction your compass takes you. Soon we will take you on a drive around all the pretty beach locations in a new blog post. Interested in other posts about Mauritius? Read all about Mauritius on our travel blog: Mauritius.

Today we would love to share the beach in Flic en Flac. A small village that offers the local life vibe, diving options and many resorts. Often resorts are placed in the most beautiful locations of course.. but in this case you are lucky! No beaches in Mauritius are privately owned by the resorts so anyone can use the splendid beaches when not staying here.

Prettiest beaches, Beautiful beaches in the world, Mauritius, Flic en Flac, Sugar beach

Whitsundays in Australia

Can sand get any more white than this? We are talking about Whitehaven Beach, awarded for one of the best beaches in the world (as can be seen in the photo). This place is one for the postcards! Backpackers, couples, families, everyone will want to see the Whitsundays! Many people love to take a souvenir from here in form of bringing some of the whitest sand home. The first thing to remember that this is luckily strictly forbidden to protect this beautiful area.

This place should keep its beauty and remain as it is, perfect. In combination with the clear blue turquoise water, it will easily become your dream destination. Visit by boat or airplane on trips varying from 1-day to several days.

Prettiest beaches, Whitsundays in Australia, Australia white beach


There is not just one beach we recommend, but there are countless stunning places. The touristic areas in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum provide you with all the beach vibes you need. Also, some islands like Isla Mujeres and Cozumel are a must-visit for some prettiest beaches, but there are more!

Going more to the south of Yucatan you will see Bacalar and Mahahual. The last one was an unexpected location during a roundtrip from Belize and Guatemala and a perfect stop for a day or two. It must be attractive, considering the many cruise ships arriving there daily.

Mexico was worth a visit twice now and will always be high on our list if we feel in need of catching some sun rays. The country’s charm is impossible to experience anywhere else. And not sure why, but that “Caribbean sun” really seems to be a tan booster – not coming home with a better tan than coming from Mexico.

Mahahual, Mexico backpacking

Black Beach in Santorini

A unique one for the prettiest beaches list. 2020 brought us to a new type of beach, a black beach in Perissa, Santorini! The beach is not soft as sand due to some small pebbles. How? From the volcanic rocks as this is Santorini’s nature.

It is a unique experience and the place to be for a day with refreshing dips in the incredible waters that do not seem so clear due to the black soil; until you get in, you won’t get out. Besides a nice beach day, it is also possible to witness the blessing of mother earth perfectly here early morning during sunrise. Wow!

Beautiful beaches in the world, Santorini black beach, Perissa Beach, Santorini sunrise

Which of the prettiest beaches will you add to your bucketlist? Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.


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