Best beaches in Mauritius that are jaw-droppingly beautiful

Yes, yes, yes, we know… your plan is to visit the best beaches in Mauritius! They are exotic and irresistible. Obviously, it might even be your main reason to come to the island after seeing all the beautiful pictures. And we cannot disagree. The many white beaches with turquoise waters are definitely the unique selling point. Here you will also find some of the best beach resorts in Mauritius. Some beaches are endlessly long, have the whitest sand, only accessible by boat, or have a great local vibe. Welcome to the beaches of Mauritius!

We will cover the following to make sure you do not miss out on anything:

  • Visit Mauritius for the best beaches
  • The best time to visit the beaches in Mauritius
  • Tips for visiting the beaches
  • Pro tip: visit the beautiful ‘private’ beaches?
  • The best beaches in Mauritius

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Visit Mauritius for the best beaches

Spending days, months and years all around the island we know it for sure; the tropical island will certainly offer water fun for everyone with over 300km of sandy beaches! Oh, we truly believe that the best memories are going back to those with our feed in the soft sand of the Mauritian beaches. We would go for a swim, for a day roadtrip along the coast, for some incredible views or for some insane sunsets.

You will firstly think of tanning or swimming, but there is so much more! The beaches in Mauritius vary per location on activities that will be most recommended. In some places, snorkelling is the ultimate experience, while you will experience the perfect surfing conditions somewhere else. Oh, and in brief let’s not forget some delicious street food stands to enjoy some local favourites.

In general, you can totally enjoy a full package of beach and water activities. Like: snorkelling, scuba diving, boat trips, dolphin swimming in the wild, underwater scooters, underwater walk with oxygen helmets, freediving, surfing and kite surfing. More about this soon.

Best time to visit the beaches in Mauritius

All year round you will enjoy your time on the Mauritian beaches. Without a doubt, some seasons are more favourable than others. Globally it is often recommended to visit the island between October and April.

  • January – March: sun, great for swimming but you can also expect cyclones.
  • April – June: a slightly lower temperature as you will head towards the Mauritian winter. Temperatures are around 20 degrees and up.
  • July – September: lower temperature and the water might be more chilly. However, we still went for a swim or boat day often.
  • September – December: temperatures are going up, the sun is getting stronger but it can also get more humid the closer you get to December.

How to pick the best time? That eventually depends on your preferred holiday and the activities that you would like to do.

Mauritius Zilwa Attitude, Mauritius resort, Mauritius beach

Tips for visiting the beaches in Mauritius

  • Most of the beaches in Mauritius are safe to visit and for swimming.
  • Always be aware of currents, some places in Mauritius can get more dangerous. Keep an eye on the warnings given.
  • Lifeguards or first aid is very limited to non existing in most places.
  • Nudism is not allowed in any place.
  • Do not leave your valuable belongings on the beach if you will stay in the waters for longer times. We take our phones in waterproof cases and never had anything else stolen, but it is a risk.
  • Watch out for (coral) reefs and sea urchins. Do not get too close to protect the reef but also for yourself to not have scratches or other injuries.
  • Whoops, watch out for dropping coconuts if you chill under a palm tree.
  • Most of the public beaches have parking lots in the near area. Very easy and free.
  • Mauritius does not really have beach bars directly on the beach, something that you might be used to from other countries and we secretly do miss.
  • And after all, come with an empty tummy and bring cash for some delicious street food. A roti or fried rice stand is nearly everywhere.

Pro tip: visit the beautiful ‘private’ beaches in Mauritius?

You can’t visit private beaches, right? No, generally not. However, the situation for the Mauritian beaches is rather different. No matter what signs you might see, none of the beaches in Mauritius are considered private as the land is owned by the state. This only concerns the area from the sea up to the high water mark, so the point where the waves reach high tide as you can see in this picture. This part of the beach is public and therefore freely accessible for anyone. This way you can even visit some of the prettiest beaches where resorts are built without needing to stay there! Enjoy a walk along the coast or your picnic with some of the best views.

But, we do want to stress the following: be respectful! It is actually an ongoing debate between those owning a resort or other property along the coast and the state. It is hard to control who will access their private property. Besides that, you will see that many resorts offer facilities on the beaches like sunbeds. Do take note that it is strictly forbidden to use any facilities or other private belongings from resorts or others. And please, do not create any issues with the owners or people staying in the accommodations.

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The best beaches in Mauritius

Pereybere Beach

We totally felt we had to start with Pereybere. This place above all other beaches in Mauritius got to us. It is nowadays like our second home in Mauritius and we also decided to get our PADI diving certificate here. Since the first time visiting, I was amazed by the Mauritian vibe, incredibly blue and clear waters. Especially when coming to Mauritius for the first time, I loved to see Mauritian families and friends hanging around for a local vibe.

However, it is a small but very popular beach for locals, so it can be really crowded. So if that is not your thing, then Pereybere might be more of a quick stop for you. The popularity could also be due to the many food stands which smell will drag you to the counter to order. When we visit Pereybere we like to find a more secret spot when going more to the right when facing the water.

Tip: get your PADI diving certificate at Octopus Diving Center. On location, there are food stands, restaurants, toilets, changing room, supermarket (Winners) and relatively small parking.

Pereybere, Pereybere beach, Mauritius beach, Mauritius island

Mont Choisy Beach 

In contrast to other beaches, this one will get your attention because of the length (about 2km) of the beach which is perfect for swimming or a nice beach walk with endless views. We love to sit here for some daydreaming or with bigger groups as it is spacious. The soil is clean so perfect for those afraid of going into ocean waters. Nevertheless, the water is less clear which doesn’t make it optimal for snorkelling. This beach is rather popular with locals so during the weekend it might be more crowded. However, in general, you will always be able to find a nice spot for yourself to rest.

Tip: there are some bigger shopping centers closely to get your food for a nice picnic. There are toilets and a lot of parking available.

Grand Baie

Compared to other beaches in Mauritius, Grand Baie is not on our list to visit for a beach day. It is busier and has a more lively area due to the centre being so close to the beach. Grand Baie is a tourist area and that is clear. There are numerous activities to do and also some shopping. So what makes Grand Baie perfect to be on the best beaches list? We’ve seen some outstanding sunsets over the bay. It is totally mesmerizing to see the sun going down behind all the boats and catamarans on the water. You will notice that some catamaran day trips also depart and arrive here later on the day to catch the sunset. It is beautiful!

Tip: In Grand Baie you do have some restaurants and bars directly on the beach. Enjoy your happy hour cocktail or delicious food while you feel the warm summer breeze through your hair. This will surely give you a beach club vibe.

Trou aux Biches Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Mauritius in the north, for tourists as well as locals. Many will say that this is actually the best beach on the island! Without a doubt, this place is perfect and especially for families. The beach is stretched over around 2km with beautiful waters and very soft white sand. Bring your snorkel gear for some entertainment from the underwater world in the reefs. You might just end up with your face down in the water all day!

Tip: stay here for the beautiful sunsets! Besides that the beach has a public toilet, supermarket and several restaurants around.

Flic en Flac

In a different region of other beaches in Mauritius just mentioned, a highlight! Living next to the beach in Flic and Flac for months, we confirm that this is an amazing place for a beach day! But it never ended for us until we also saw the smashing sunset! Flic en Flac is a very popular and tourist area. The beach is endlessly long, which makes it perfect for a stroll along the waters or for a dip as the waters are easily accessible! Which is easy to do from the residential area up to the many resorts in the Southern part.

The public beaches are already fun for a great day out. But, without a doubt, the best part for us is around the Sugar Beach resort and Hilton resort. The water has a beautiful colour and you have pretty (mountain) views in distance. In the residential area, you will see different spots to park your car. The stretched public beach has food stands in multiple locations and other required facilities around.

Tip: Flic and Flac offer a lot of activities and you can book many trips from here such as dolphin swimming or catamaran trips. The underwater world also offers a great diversity on this side of the island, in this case, we highly recommend booking a diving trip here as well.

Flic en Flac, Mauritius, Mauritius beach, tropical beach

Bain Boeuf Beach

You do not hear about this beach often but it is (again) one of the beaches in Mauritius worth visiting! If you will do a (beach) road trip in the Northern part of the island you will pass this beach for sure! And that is also how we caught a glimpse of Bain Boeuf that made us stopover right away. We fell particularly in love with one specific part where you have many palm trees on the beachside. It just makes the tropical picture perfect! It is quiet and that might just be what you are looking for. The water is very shallow, so also perfect for kids.

Tip: there are no facilities around, come prepared.

Bain Boeuf, Palmtrees, tropical island

Cap Malheureux Beach 

A very famous sight of Mauritius if you did a little research before arriving. Here you can find the church with the red roof, attracting a lot of visitors daily! The surrounding is very beautiful. The beach is not ideal for swimming but truly great for a walk or a picnic. You can sit in the full sun or find some cover in the shades while looking at the blue waters. You might even see a wedding ceremony or a newlywed couple taking some pictures around here.

Tip: This is a perfect spot to visit during a road trip and if you want to visit Mauritius for beaches. Parking is minimum due to the high number of visitors. People come and go here every minute, just have some patience.

Cap Malheureux, Mauritius, Mauritius church

Poste la Fayette Beach 

Get ready for some waves on this Eastern part of the island! In Poste La Fayette you can visit a rocky or sandy part of the area. Compared to other beaches in Mauritius, the sea and wind can be pretty wild here. This does give some spectacular views, but we do not prefer to swim here. We do come here for some fresh air and to unwind from all the chaos of daily life. For a dip in the shallow water or to see some stunts from the kite surfers, you can go to the area with sand. It is a pretty local spot with in the weekends some events as well. The area is surrounded by trees that provide a great spot for some shade (often preferred by the locals).

Tip: there is no dedicated parking area, but you can park next to the roads and on the grass.

Poste la Fayette, Mauritius, Best beaches in Mauritius

Belle Mare

The place where your paradise island dream comes true with some of the prettiest beaches in Mauritius. There are some of the fanciest and luxurious around this area, so that is definitely a big sign! The most turquoise and clear waters are a real pleasure for the eye. The sand is very white and the water is calm, so it’s perfect for a day sunbathing and swimming. And if you do have the opportunity to stay in one of the fancy places, surely you should go for it! You will experience a very memorable and royal stay on the beautiful island of Mauritius. We can all spoil ourselves so now and then, right?

Tip: go during the weekdays as it can get busy during the weekends.

Trou d’eau douce

An area with insane blue waters and a perfect place for a refreshing dip. The waters are getting deeper slowly, which makes it a safer place for families. In general, you will see everyone here enjoying the day catching some sun rays and vitamin D. Also here you can find several large resorts and tourism is more and more upcoming. It is a wanted area due to its location and beautiful views. From here on you can easily hop on a boat for a day trip on sea or to Ile Aux Cerfs. In the area, you have several shops available.

Tip: it is an area for fisherman, maybe you can see some live fishing in action.

Trou d'eau douce, Mauritius, Mauritius beach

Ile Aux Cerfs

One of our favourite boat trips to an island that we just cannot get enough of! The boat (paid day trips) departs from Blue Bay, so that is already a great start as it is in Mauritius one of the best beaches. From there on you will visit some incredible places in the protected lagoon on the east coast of the island. Doesn’t the word “lagoon” already sound tempting? Ile aux Cerfs deserves the most time of the day so make sure you will arrive early to spend as much time as possible surrounding by crystal clear waters. On the island, you have several water activities and shops. It is a tourist destination so you will not have an exclusive experience unless you book one of the fantastic accommodations on the island. Like the unique Bubble Lodge Ile aux Cerfs Island. WOW, big WOW!

Tip: when you go with an arrange trip make sure that a beach BBQ is included! They often serve fresh lobster & baked rum banana. Yummy in your tummy!

Blue Bay & marine park

Blue bay is also one of our dearest treasures on the island. The name says it all: it is a very blue bay with a Marine Park. This makes it an ultimate location for a snorkel trip especially. You have the opportunity to take a boat trip from here (also glass bottom) or even swimming from the beach will give you a nice underwater treat. This also makes it a very popular beach, by tourists and locals. You will most likely experience the Mauritian goodlife of locals come over for some good food and drinks while being entertained by (live) music. There are several facilities around like a restaurant, street food, ice cream, parking and public toilets.

Tip: on the opposite side of Blue Bay beach you will see a small island in the middle of the gorgeous blue waters from the Blue Bay Marine Park. This is Ile Des Deux Cocos, where you can also enjoy your time in the island resort. Might something you would like to spend a honeymoon night.

Mauritius, Mauritius beach, Blue Bay, Blue Bay Mauritius

Pointe D’Esny Beach

Close to Blue Bay with the same stunning blue waters, but more endless views. Pointe D’Esny can truly be considered still a more hidden gem of the beaches in Mauritius as it is less in sight to access for anyone. Along the beach, you can find accommodations and houses which block access from the road. You will need to find a small alley in between to get to the beach and park your car closely next to the road. It is all worth it, as you will easily spend a full day of tanning, swimming and snorkelling here. The waters are crystal clear and the beach is beautifully white. Bring your camera!

Tip: there are no facilities, make sure to bring your own food & drinks.

Mauritius, Mauritius beach, Pointe D'Esny, tropical beach

Tamarin beach

A beautiful area of the island, with for the most part, lush green and mountain sights in the background. Surfers love this beach, however, it is more considered for beginners with waves up to about 1 meter. The beach is not as white as others, but you won’t notice that as you will be focusing on the beauty around you. The sand is rather soft and the ocean is clear, which makes it perfect for families. You might notice that many families come over to this place. It is recommended to still keep a good eye on the sea currents. There is a small parking lot available, with a changing room and toilet.

Tip: during the weekend locals hang out in Tamarin often and might have live music and camp fires.

Le Morne

Do you know the famous photos of Mauritius with the mountain and beautiful waters colours that looks like an underwater waterfall? That is around Le Morne! You will find some impressive resorts on this part of the island. We truly understand as you have some of the prettiest waters and whitest beaches around you. Of course, this would be perfect for some breakfast views! There are some beaches accessible with one highlight on the South-Western part. You will quickly notice many kite surfers around, and it is a real pleasure to watch this spectacular sport! However, if you prefer to relax and chill we would advise staying in the Western part of Le Morne.

Tip: take a boat trip in the surrounding of Le Morne to see the beautiful waters the best way! Below a daytrip to Ile Aux Benitiers.

Which beaches in Mauritius will you visit? Or did you fall in love with some of them already? Happy to help you with your visit to the island, get in touch if you need any more information!

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