10 Great resorts in Mauritius for high and lower budget

From a worldwide perspective, the resorts in Mauritius are some of the best! They even show up in Netflix movies now, Resort to Love. Curious? See this post. With endless views over the oceans or the nature around you will easily find the best place to stay in Mauritius. And that for any type of traveller; from couples to families and all-inclusive or not, the paradise holiday is guaranteed. In general, resorts in Mauritius can be expensive due to incredible services and many luxury resorts. In this blog post, we will provide you with a mix of all kinds of resorts to enjoy. Time to show you around!

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A complete Mauritius travel guide

Take advantage of all our insider information as a native Mauritian and check out all articles below. Surely this will help you plan a trip of a lifetime to Paradise Island!

Looking for more activities to do in Mauritius? You will not have a boring day! Check out all the options below:

Great resorts in Mauritius

How proud are we to provide you with these recommendations! It was a real royal experience to stay in some of these places and truly wish you the same. Unfortunately, most of our photos of a stay or day visit are lacking quality. Most places were visited way before starting this travel blog and we did not have any professional cameras back then That is why we use photos from the official resort website or Booking.com

Below you will find a list of places based on ranges of budget. We will show this in a range of costs per night for a room for 2 persons, in euros. Keep in mind that these costs are related to the month of October. Prices will vary per season and demand.

Best resort in Mauritius – up to €100

1. La Palmiste Resort & Spa in Trou Aux Biches

A perfect pick if you do wish to stay in a resort instead of a hotel, but not on the ‘regular’ higher resort budgets in Mauritius. But, do keep in mind that it will not be the royal experience compared to others shown in this post as it is more budget. La Palmiste offers a wide variety of rooms, making it suitable for couples and families and often has special offers. It does not have a beach directly connected to the hotel. However, from the resort, you have access to some of the best tourist attractions and beaches in the close surroundings. The closest beach is only about 150m away. Did you know that Trou Aux Biches is one of the most popular beaches on the island? If you don’t feel like the beach, you can enjoy yourself in one of the three pools with a pool bar.

Without a doubt, you will have a beautiful tropical holiday with many palm trees in the resort gardens. Due to the hotel being smaller compared to some other massive resorts, you will experience a more personalised service, where the staff will also connect more. Maybe you can even get way more local tips!

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Best resorts in Mauritius – up to € 250

2. Zilwa Attitude in Calodyne

Firstly, a four-star hotel in the Northern part of the island with a private beach and infinity pool! The beach is perfectly white with many palm trees around. The view from the beach is just as spectacular with small islands in the distance. This was the first resort on the island where we stayed together, and we couldn’t have picked a better place for this budget. The resort is located in a very peaceful part of the island where you can disconnect perfectly. Without a doubt a romantic place, it is time for just the two of you. If you do prefer to go out, a car is recommended to visit some of the places close by like the popular Grand Baie on approx. 15 minutes distance.

However, we can imagine you prefer to stay in the resort. Zilwa confirms: “In Creole, Zilwa means islander, and this is the experience offered to you: an immersion in the heart of authentic Mauritius and an opportunity to live like an islander during your stay in this little corner of paradise bordering the ocean”. We were welcomed by friendly staff, who provided incredible service throughout our whole stay. Give yourself a well-deserved break in the spa, several swimming pools or a beach bar. Not just one, no this resort offers 5 restaurants and 3 bars with all high-quality food and drinks! Zilwa Attitude is also one of the best resorts in Mauritius for families due to several activities, entertainment and a kids club!

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3. Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa in Blue Bay

If there is one place in Mauritius where our tropical dreams come true, it is in Blue Bay! Shandrani Beachcomber Resort is located in one of the most precious places – a private peninsula of Blue Bay. Shall we make it even more precise? In the middle of the marine park with turquoise blue waters and an incredible underwater world! With waters so blue you will surely enjoy some of the water activities provided by the resort, like water skiing, kayak tours, diving or snorkelling. It is a great place for those who also love some active days during their relaxing stay.

The hotel is part of the Beachcomber group, well known in Mauritius with several resorts around the island. The resort has a variety of packages up to all-inclusive. There are four restaurants available for an international experience, however, a taste of Mauritian cuisine is a must and will be addictive. Watch out haha! Due to the availability of family rooms and kids clubs, this resort can also be classed as one of the best resorts in Mauritius for families. Isn’t it great that the kids have the time of their life and are looked after, while the parents can enjoy some “me time”?

Photo credit: SAR, on Beachcomber

4. Preskil Island Resort in Mahébourg

When you pass this area with the boat your eyes will automatically catch this gem from the waters. What is that tropical resort on the mainland? It is Preskil Island Resort, meaning: ‘nearly an island’ in Creole the main language in Mauritius! During our stay we every day amazed by the lagoon! Preskil Island resort is located close to the airport and also in the wonderful area of Blue Bay and Pointe d’Esny. From here we did many boat trips in one of the prettiest areas of the island. The resort is a superior 4-star resort and went through a big transformation in 2019. The resort had an upgrade to a modern island vibe with a lot of wood and bamboo touches. Just perfect isn’t it? Did you know that they even provide Mauritian Creole lessons here? How fun!

Besides the fact that Preskil offers a great stay for couples and families, it is also well known for its water activities and direct access to the beach and blue ocean. However, there is one speciality in particular: kite surfing! Here you have the opportunity to learn a popular and upcoming sport in Mauritius with Jerome Bonieux. From Preskil you can arrange Kitesurfing classes in the pretty lagoon. Will you find yourself a new sports addiction?


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Best resorts in Mauritius – up to €500

5. Sugar Beach in Flic en Flac

This is one of our favourite resorts in Mauritius on the West Coast for great value. Sugar Beach has a very spacious set-up with a beautiful well-maintained garden for a real tropical vibe. And surely you will spend hours next to the big outdoor pool. When entering the main building, you will quickly be attracted to the big open view and balcony for the sea view. The resort offers great facilities for all types of travellers. The most unique option is the Music Studio guests can use at the resort La Pirogue. Now you can combine creating new music with a tropical holiday. Wouldn’t that give you a creative boost?

One thing we could do every day is visit Buddha Bar in Sugar Beach resort. Take a seat in the restaurant with a terrace at the beach with the prettiest views over the Indian Ocean. The dishes are delicious! We never had a better Sushi experience than this. Sand, beautiful ocean, great resort, under a palm tree and fresh food. Yum! And isn’t it great that you can visit this restaurant without staying in the hotel? Just make sure you have a restaurant reservation.

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6. LUX* Le Morne Resort in Le Morne

Lux* Le Morne is located in one of the prettiest areas of the island. Do you know the famous pictures of the “underwater waterfall” in Mauritius? Well, that is here! You will have the prettiest blue waters guaranteed. It is just simply breathtaking! Lux* Le Morne is well known by many influencers and you would often see gorgeous shots in this area and from this hotel in for example one of the 5 swimming pools. It is a great 5-star luxury resort with delicious food. The rooms have a very clean white and bright Bali touch and go up all the way to prestige suites. Perfect for couples, a real resort for honeymoons in Mauritius.

The beaches are sandy and clean white, located peacefully and you have nice surrounding with the mountain Le Morne. Which, if you wish to have some action, you can also hike for the best viewpoint in Mauritius over the extreme blue waters! Or are you more interested in action on water? The area of Le Morne is well known for kite surfing, a great opportunity to learn a new sport.

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7. Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa in Flic en Flac

In the beautiful green surroundings of Flic en Flac, you will be welcomed into a heavenly environment in the Hilton resort. With a beautiful pool that gives you the ultimate tropical feeling in lagune style. The rooms have a luxurious touch and are perfect for couples on a romantic getaway. A visit to the Hilton Beach Resort never disappointed us, with its amazing facilities and delicious Mauritian and Thai food in the restaurants. This is also your opportunity to taste some fresh lobster! The views from the beach are beautiful with the mountain ranges in the far distance. Or the spa will open its doors if you prefer to find a peaceful surroundings. The facials and massages were lovely and the products used felt so refreshing that we brought a package of it home.

The Hilton resort has the ultimate location for some romantic evenings. With front-row seatings, you will be able to admire the sunsets on the West Coast of the island of Mauritius. Now doesn’t that sound perfect with your loved ones and some Mauritian rum and snacks? See you at the Hilton Resort!

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8. LUX* Belle Mare Resort & Villas in Belle Mare

Another great addition to the Lux* brand but now on the East Coast: Lux* Belle Mare Resort & Villas. Now in a peaceful area full of luxurious resorts. Feel like a star and enjoy the incredible services delivered here. The rooms are very comfortable and have a great style. You are even able to book a villa on the beach with a private pool. Isn’t that the ultimate tropical holiday? If you wish to spoil yourself as you deserve, then Lux* Belle Mare is your heaven! The building and architecture are very impressive, and the wooden touches make the vibe complete. We are sure you will hang out of your room window to admire all.

Besides the beach villas, the resort has two more remarkable selling points. Firstly the restaurant “Amari” where a 1-star Michelin chef will prepare the most delicious Indian Mauritian dishes. Open up to the tasting menu and leave with a satisfied tummy full of yummy food! And then secondly, the beach of the hotel is one of the best in Mauritius. The sand is beautifully powder white with perfect blue water around. Really, it is no surprise that LUX* Belle Mare is one of the island’s favourite resorts!

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Best resorts in Mauritius – €500 and up

9. Constance Prince Maurice in Poste de Flacq 

To get the best impression of Constance Prince Maurice Resort, it is time to watch the movie ‘Resort to Love‘ on Netflix (with Christina Milian and produced by Alicia Keys). We bet you fell in love with the scenery in that movie which was filmed here in this resort. This place is screaming luxury and high-level service. The place is well maintained,, just like the lush tropical gardens. The suits and villas will make you feel at home so easily that you will never want to leave again. The reviews are great and constant. You know for sure that you are on a tropical island, as the water is all around you – for great views over the Indian Ocean, swimming in the infinity pool, activities or dinner on the water.

The golf lovers will not be bored at Constance Prince Maurice, which offers three 18-hole golf courses. Enjoy your time in the peaceful green nature with some of the prettiest waters around you. But an elite place like Constance offers of course way more like diving, a spa and a kids club.

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Photo credit: booking.com

10. One&Only Le Saint Géran in Belle Mare

King and Queens, this is your place! Another resort ranked on the list of most luxurious resorts in Mauritius in the Belle Mare area isn’t surprising. It is the One&Only Le Saint Géran! Above all others, the place for your royal experience. Make your wildest dreams come true and stay here even longer than just a holiday with the long-stay packages. They even have private homes, so you can enjoy this exceptional resort forever. Surround yourself with some of the best beaches where you can spend the days peacefully.

The resort seems to be the ultimate resort for honeymoons, however, they also focus much on families. With a great variety of rooms and experience packages, they create a dream holiday for any type of traveller. From private dining to a kids club with entertainment for the little ones. A remarkable facility is a focus on wellbeing; with wellness, spa and a ‘refuel concept’. Learn more about healthy snacks, juices, workouts and many other workshops to support you and refuel. That sounds like a really refreshing holiday break!

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So are you impressed with the resorts in Mauritius? To summarize: yes, Mauritian resorts are for the higher budgets but it does not eliminate any opportunities to get a nice deal. It just depends on your wishes and expectations. Looking forward to seeing you in one of these resorts in Mauritius! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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