Tropical attitude in Mauritius – review of an authentic hotel

On the untamed east coast of the island, Tropical Attitude in Mauritius is ready to give you an authentic Mauritian stay! Tropical Attitude Hotel is a peaceful hotel. It has beautiful views from the rooms over a blue lagoon. For ultimate privacy, you can stay in their villas with a private swimming pool! Make your stay even more exciting by visiting Ile Aux Cerfs. A lovely tropical island, reachable by the free boat facility of the Tropical Attitude Hotel in Mauritius. Welcome!

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Staying at Tropical Attitude Hotel in Mauritius

We were familiar with the Attitude hotels already. Therefore it wasn’t a surprise to have another stay in one of their properties in Mauritius. In the end, what we really appreciate is the authentic Mauritian experience the hotels offer. The hotels are in general not the standard luxury resorts you have in the close surroundings. No, here you will have local Mauritian food, Mauritian experiences and a boutique hotel environment. This surely brings you closer to the paradise island you are staying at.

Adults-only 3-star hotel Tropical Attitude caught our attention. Due to the design of the place and the rooms with sea view over the impressive blue lagoon. The Indian Ocean is particularly totally showing off here, with its turquoise waters! Compared to other hotels, Tropical Attitude in Mauritius is pretty affordable at around 100 euros per night for a couple’s room.

We stayed over the weekend at Tropical Attitude Hotel with an all-inclusive package and early check-in and late check-out. Which was perfect to optimize the days. Especially as the hotel has several facilities that you do wish to experience! Most important, the tropical vibes are truly all around. With the palm trees, sand in the lobby, greens all around and yellow and wooden touches in design. It is all very tranquil.

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A cultural experience at Tropical Attitude Hotel

What we love about the authentic vibes is that Attitude Hotels definitely go above and beyond! In Tropical Attitude Hotel, you have a small Bazar to buy drinks, local snacks or souvenirs. Besides that, the chef makes sure that there are Mauritian dishes available every day. Also, a local band will make you dance to sega music. However, the most impressive offer is to have dinner with a local family! You’ll be welcomed into the home of one of their Family Members. How incredible is that for a real cultural experience!

Are you already excited to book?

Are you ready to book your stay in paradise? Book your stay at Tropical Attitude in Mauritius here: I want to book Tropical Attitude.

Other Attitude hotels in Mauritius

The Attitude Hotels Mauritius are one of a kind! All Attitude hotels have Mauritian vibes. But most importantly, they also give back to the community! With this intention, the group initiated and all hotels are part of the Positive Impact Movement. It is their goal to establish sustainable tourism by protecting the environment, boosting local economies and supporting the local community.

With this in mind, there is no use of plastic, rainwater recovery, training to team and family members on sustainable practices, and education for kids to raise awareness for marine life. Besides that, they also launched the Green Attitude Foundation. That is focussed on matters such as the enhancement of local culture, supporting Mauritian communities, and helping preserve the island’s coastal and marine environment.

To fully support their sustainable approach, all guests will receive a dopper upon arrival. This is in order to refill your water bottle, instead of using new plastic water bottles each time. At the end of your stay, you even have the possibility to buy it. We did, the yellow Dopper was a perfect match with Mixing Cultures!

Other Attitude hotels in Mauritius are:

More about Mauritius

Mauritius is fun and the place to be! Undeniably no island is like Mauritius. The diversity is unreal! The landscape, scenery and cultural variety. Start planning your holiday to Mauritius already. Surely our following blog posts will help you start:

Location of Tropical Attitude in Mauritius

Tropical Attitude is located in a small fisherman village Trou d’Eau Douce. In the middle of many known places on the East Coast of Mauritius. Such as Belle Mare where you find many hotels and resorts. And secondly a very popular Island, Ile Aux Cerfs right in front of the hotel. The hotel has a convenient location from the airport. Which is a 1-hour lovely coastal drive away.

Whenever you wish to go out and explore, it is best to have a rental car. As much as staying in the hotel would be very relaxing. A drive along the Northern coast, Grand Baie and a visit to Port Louis are worth it!

The location of Tropical Attitude Hotel in Mauritius is also very convenient for many other activities. In brief; boat trips, parasailing, quad trips or hiking. However, do keep in mind that the sea and current on this side of the island can be more rough compared to the west.

Hotel facilities in general

Tropical Attitude will provide you with anything you need for a memorable stay. We only summarize some of them, but it is worth checking out their website for the full package. The rooms have all the facilities you need with a spectacular view over the blue lagoon. If you wish to stay in a villa you can enjoy even more private facilities. More about that under the section of the rooms.

The hotel itself has 24-hour reception where they are happy to arrange so much for you. Think of activities, laundry, bikes or rental cars which you can also park in the private hotel parking. There is perfectly working wifi all around the hotel. You can enjoy food specialities in 3 different restaurants and a drink at the bar “Sea-U” next to the pool that is in the centre of all the buzz in the hotel.

There is not really a beach, but you do have many sunbeds along the coastline for some dreamy moments. For ultimate tanning, you can enjoy the rooftop sunbeds where you will have sun all around the daytime clock.

For those wanting some activities to break the day, go ahead! Be active at table tennis (we totally got into it!), Petanque or play board games. Fun guaranteed! There is also a gym available and meditation for relaxation. Really, holiday vibes are all around.

The Boathouse will bring a smile to your face if you love water activities! Take the opportunity to get your PADI Diving Certificate, go on a catamaran trip or big game fishing. Diving in Mauritius can be true underwater magic, and it is so worth it!

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Spa Poz

A little bit more hidden in a more quiet area, you will find spa “Poz”. The spa offers a variety of services like waxing or facials. However, we tried one of the many massages. It was fantastic, a full-body massage with coconut oil. The whole environment and scenery in the spa area were so calming and peaceful. Sleeping and snoring are waiting for you! The team working in the spa also knows very well how to create a comforting and relaxing moment. Without a doubt, this will give you the break that you need.

Ile Aux Cerfs island

One of the best that the hotel offers to guests is the free boat trip to Ile Aux Cerfs. When you google Mauritius, you often see photos from this picturesque island. It is a small island, only accessible by boat. Many tour operators offer a day trip including parasailing, snorkelling and BBQ lunch on the beach. The hotel offers another unique experience; a picnic!

It was so much fun! The hotel prepared a picnic basket which you can bring along on the boat to the island. It is only around 20 minutes away. After arrival, you can explore the island and find yourself in an excellent spot. Take that dip in the turquoise waters and fill your tummy afterwards. It can be so romantic together! We truly enjoyed this hotel activity!

The boat leaves twice in the morning and will bring you back around 2/3 PM. Make sure you give yourself a day for fun at Ile Aux Cerfs!

The rooms in Tropical Attitude Mauritius

The hotel is relatively small which fits its charm in the middle of a tropical garden. In total, there are 58 hotel rooms and 11 villas. All rooms have a very pleasant vibe with the use of natural colours, wooden touches and peaceful surroundings. Local artists created the decoration, which creates a perfect atmosphere. The rooms and beds are comfortable and very clean. They are equipped with air conditioning, a TV, a nicely decorated bathroom with a shower and a separate toilet. You will also find a minibar, which you can fill with items from the Bazar.

We will describe the 3 types of rooms below:

  • Couple seafront room: a 25sqm room with a balcony and outdoor seats. Perfect for 2 people who prefer to stay in the most budget rooms available. However, it will not feel budget at all. Due to the design that is still in line with the other rooms. The main difference is that all the rooms are on the 1st level, accessible by stairs only. However, you still have the same magnificent sea views!
  • Couple Deluxe Seafront room: a 30 sqm room, always located on the ground floor with seating outside. The difference in space is mainly due to the fact that you have an extra space inside as a living area. Here you will find seating with a TV. This might be preferable if you do wish to still have some sort of living room. In order not always need to sit on your bed inside. Also here you have lovely views over the blue lagoon.
  • Villa: the 11 villas are 60 sqm and all have their own private garden with a pool. Perfect if you wish for more privacy or for honeymoons! The villa is spacious with a very warm design. Besides that, the bathroom is beautiful and open with two showers. You can even have your massage or BBQ in the villa itself. The only thing you might miss here is the view over the blue lagoon. However, the villa will give you that well-deserved couple time. You can of course always go to the main area and rooftop sunbeds of the hotel for a blue lagoon moment.

The food – yummy local choices!

The Tropical Attitude menu, what a highlight! The food at Tropical Attitude Mauritius was spectacular. Do you know those places where you can taste the love in the food? That is the case here. All dishes are prepared with love! There are 4 restaurants available for some yummy moments. However, we were only introduced to 3, and therefore will mention these only:

  • Bor Lamer: this is the main restaurant in front of the Blue Lagoon. It is a true pleasure to enjoy some dishes with these views! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here. A variety of more international dishes like burgers and pizza, but also typical Mauritian food. During our stay, they only served A la Carte due to COVID-19. In “normal” times buffet would be open.
  • Kot Nou: the place where Mauritius comes alive! In the style around and the Mauritian cuisine. Unfortunately, we were not able to taste the Mauritian tapas here as it is not open on all days. However, we highly recommend to give it a try. Wouldn’t you want to immerse yourself in the local specialities when you travel?
  • Taba-J: a food truck that caught our attention immediately! It is such a fun place to order and try Mauritian street food. And well, Mauritian street food is smashing good! You can try Roti, Samosa or other traditional cakes. In case if you wish to challenge yourself, try some of the spicy chutneys to heat things up!

The staff goes above and beyond

Do you know these places where you just feel like saying thank you and showing your appreciation all the time? Tropical Attitude in Mauritius is like that! The staff are going above and beyond always. We just cannot express our gratitude enough for the service delivered. So once again, a massive thank you for being such a big positive part of our very pleasant stay!

We were welcomed so warmly right away when getting out of the car. All COVID-19 sanitation measures were taken care of. Namely, disinfection of the luggage, and hands, checking vaccine passports and a temperature check. The front office team brought us to the waiting area for a welcome drink. What we love here is that it is with sand. This is a true “welcome to a tropical paradise” feeling!

Throughout our stay, we enjoyed great service in the restaurant, bar and spa. Also, the housekeeping team did a great job providing truly clean rooms. All staff connected on a great level with the guests. Also opening up for some jokes and funny moments. It all feels very much “down to earth”. Due to this, we felt at home, ourselves and relaxed. Exactly what a holiday should be.

Great examples are the delicious birthday cake and celebrations for Jorinde’s birthday. Or the flexibility to have breakfast ordered already but served a little later. And nice and fun talks over football games. Above all, the chef prepared (after a general talk) on his own initiative a special local Mauritian dish that Jorinde loves, which was not on the menu. Unforgettable!

Overall review of Tropical Attitude Hotel in Mauritius

Summing up all the information given above, it will not be a surprise that we are very enthusiastic about our stay in Tropical Attitude in Mauritius. We felt welcome in a great environment. A true place to re-energize in a, literally, Tropical scenery. The staff will be part of an unforgettable trip due to their positive influence. From the hotel location, you will have the option to explore the island. For example for adrenaline adventures as well as water fun!

Compared to other hotels and resorts in the (Belle Mare) area, Tropical Attitude might not give you the ultimate royal luxury feeling. And that is all fine. At the end of the day, the hotel is a 3-star hotel. If you do wish to stay in big resorts, Tropical Attitude might not be the place for you. If you do love the authentic, warm and boutique vibes, Tropical Attitude is your place!

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