Magnificent things to do in unique Roussillon in the Provence

Discover the best things to do in Roussillon for your journey through the red Ochre village and landscapes! The Provence is full of entertainment for your holiday. However, while wandering around hilltop Roussillon you might also award it as one of the most beautiful villages in the South of France. Get lost in the streets, shop with the local boutiques, buy souvenirs, hike the ochre canyon “Le Sentier des Ocres” and look back at a fantastic and memorable visit!

roussillon, things to do in roussillon, what to do in roussillon, Is Roussillon France worth visiting?

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Is Roussillon in France worth visiting?

You wonder what to do in Roussillon? It might be a small village in the Luberon region, but totally worth a visit due to its great variety of activities! It will not only be a unique visit but also one with a rich cultural and historical touch. And above all, you can even combine it with some active hiking at the Sentier des Ocres or the stunning landscapes and vineyards around. No matter if you are a couple on a romantic trip, or a family looking for a fun day out – expect the Provence or the South of France to amaze you once again in Roussillon!

sentier des ocres, le sentier des ocres, roussillon, things to do in roussillon, what to do in roussillon, Is Roussillon France worth visiting?

How much time do you need in Roussillon?

What is Roussillon known for?

One word: Ochre. Which is an “earthy pigment” with clay which is without a doubt the most iconic feature of Roussillon. The cliffs and village with vibrant hues of red, orange and yellow Ochre are what make the landscape and village unique. It will not go unnoticed with all the colourful houses in different “shades of Ochre”. From a historical point of view, Roussillon (the most important village of the Ochre region) had quarries that were mined extensively and factories that employed many people. The Ochre was used for products like paint and cosmetics.

sentier des ocres, le sentier des ocres, What is Roussillon known for?

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Where to stay in Roussillon

Hotels in Roussillon are available, just as B&Bs and other rental houses or apartments. As it is not a coastal region, we highly recommend you stay somewhere with a pool if you like to take a refreshing dip. We surely needed a refreshing dip after exploring during a heatwave day in mid-summer August! Find some great options for your stay here, or search further with the map below.

How to get to Roussillon

We understand that a car is perhaps not an option for everyone. You could consider taking public transport. The easiest options are to take a train and bus from Avignon (approx 2 hours) or Cavaillon (approx. 1 hour). Do keep in mind that extra travel might be required if you are staying in bigger cities like Marseille or Nice.

Guided tours to the Roussillon area

Is it not an option to visit Roussillon by car or public transport, but you are staying in the South of France? Don’t worry, you do not have to miss out on anything yet! There are multiple options for a guided tour visiting mostly the highlights in the region with multiple villages and depending on the season also Lavender fields. Check out your options below.

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Things to do in Roussillon

Feel the charm of the village centre

The heart of Roussillon will make your heart beat a bit faster! Once you arrive, you will realise that you took a step back in time with the cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture and of course, the vibrant Ochre colours. From all the impressive details you know for sure, this place has a story to tell! Wander around the main square (Place de la Marie) with the adorable city hall, grab an ice cream on the go and soak in the ambience of this picturesque village.

roussillon, things to do in roussillon, what to do in roussillon, Is Roussillon France worth visiting?

Stroll in the small alleys

What is a common thing in many French villages? Yes, narrow and winding alleys with many lovely corners and beauty revealed after every turn. The contrasting colour shutters of the houses, flowers and olive trees make it a perfect scenery for a village walk. And what else will you always see? Of course, small churches. Quickly the old clock tower and the church of Saint Michel will present themselves. Do not rush, take photos and explore at ease all the gorgeous streets of Roussillon.

Hike the Ochre Trail at Les Sentiers des Ocres

sentier des ocres, le sentier des ocres, roussillon, things to do in roussillon, what to do in roussillon, Is Roussillon France worth visiting?

Visit ôkhra – Ecomuseum of Ocher

Get your handmade candles

Walking around on Rue Richard Casteau your eyes will be drawn to Atelier Boutique Il était une flamme. Which is a must-visit on your list of things to do in Roussillon! This shop is unique due to the high quality of handmade candles made in the shop itself. Isn’t that true craftsmanship? It is fun to see the “factory” side of the production of your favourite scented candle before bringing it home. You might even be surprised by the great variety of scents. Think of Lavender or Cotton Flower. Surely there will be something for you!

Art galleries and boutique shops

If you are into art, you will most likely enjoy your walk in Roussillon even more as you will pass by several art galleries. Art is not only available in the form of paintings or beautiful postcards. Also, jewellery or ceramics lovers will find their next treasure here for sure! One thing is sure, Roussillon, loves vibrant colours and natural products.

Besides art and creative shops, you will also have the opportunity to get some local and fresh gastronomic delight. The boulangerie and Paisseries are of course offering freshly baked sweets. Other renowned products are regional wine, truffles and olive oil. But where to find it? Keep your eyes out for Maison Brémond 1830. And if you walk to the top of the village (see viewpoint) you will pass by Bals’ Art. This is a Balsamic speciality shop where the owner shares with pleasure his passion for producing the best Balsamic with you.

roussillon, things to do in roussillon, what to do in roussillon, Is Roussillon France worth visiting?
roussillon, things to do in roussillon, what to do in roussillon, Is Roussillon France worth visiting?

Roussillon viewpoint

Tip: Try to catch a sunrise or sunset to see a golden glow over this magical village

roussillon, things to do in roussillon, what to do in roussillon, Is Roussillon France worth visiting?

Historic Olive oil mill

Moulin a Huile Historique is a small attraction but worth a look inside! Roussillon has a rich history, and part of it is also growing olives. All to produce olive oil by extracting the oil from the beautiful olive trees. Throughout the village as well as in the Provence you will notice the importance and presence of multiple olive trees and attractions related to olives. You can also visit the Olive Oil Museum in Oppede (approx. 20 minutes by car).

Village viewpoint

Another viewpoint, yes! While walking towards Le Sentier des Ocres you should not forget to make a stop and look behind you. Otherwise, you will skip this great view of the village! You can pinpoint exactly the places you have seen from here with the clock tower centrally located. Besides a great view, you also have some small Ochre shops here to get yourself a souvenir if you like.

roussillon, things to do in roussillon, what to do in roussillon, Is Roussillon France worth visiting?

Weekly market

Are you visiting on Thursdays? Add to your list of things to do in Roussillon the weekly market. It starts around 8 AM until around 12.30 PM on Rue des Bourgades. A mix of food stalls and clothing or other goods will be set up. If available, do make sure to try the traditional provencal bread flavoured with olives or herbs. Yum!

Lavender fields

The champion of iconic landscapes in the South of France is the Lavender fields! Attracting thousands of people every year, you can be one of them! The purple fields, even more spectacular with sunrise or sunset, are a true pleasure for the eyes. If not to mention the scent of Lavender. Does it calm you down already thinking of it only? In Roussillon, you can visit the “Roussillon Lavender Farms”. Other fields are in Valensole, the true heart of the Lavender fields. Do keep in mind that the fields bloom seasonally from around mid-June to early August.

Things to do in the close surroundings of Roussillon

Luberon Vineyards and wine tasting

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Magical Gordes

One of the most spectacular hilltop villages in the Provence is Gordes. Famous from many Instagram profiles due to this picturesque viewpoint and historical ambience of the village centre. With only a 15-minute drive, Gordes is a gem just around the corner. We can promise you, that the pizzas at La Bastide de Pierres are already a great reason to visit!

Gordes, Gordes Provence, beautiful villages France

Gorges du Verdon

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Are you convinced that Roussillon has a great variety of things to do for you? Pack your bags and get going!

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