Magical places to see the Santorini sunset

Oh, the mesmerizing Santorini sunset! What to say other than that it is a magical bucket list experience on this Greek island. Before you know it, you will find yourself looking for a new sunset spot for every day. One in a hotspot, one where you can enjoy some culinary highlights or one where you can enjoy the peace and serenity of the island. Check out the places below to chase the Santorini sunset!

About Santorini

Santorini is a small Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea. Every corner of the island has a unique selling point to fulfil your dreams during your holiday. In the north, the well-known white Calderas with the Greek blue touches, in the south the black beach in Perissa and in between different adorable towns and roads to discover. Yearly many tourists visit the island as a single trip, a day trip from cruise ships or as part of an island-hopping trip between more Greek islands. Are you still in doubt if you should go? Stop, book your ticket already.

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At what time is the sunset in Santorini?

  • April: between 19:30 and 20:00
  • May: between 20:00 and 20:30
  • June: between 20:30 and 20:40
  • July: between 20:40 and 20:25
  • August: between 20:25 and 19:50 (note: summer days are getting shorter in the end)
  • September: between 19:45 and 19.00
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Where should you watch the sunset in Santorini?

During our stay, we visited several locations to admire, yes really admire, the sunset. Each location was a different experience and that is why we would like to provide you with more information to make sure you get what you want, especially if you are short on time. Keep in mind that sunset hour is rush hour in Santorini! In some places, you can expect big crowds gathering together for the island’s highlight of the day.

Tip: do not leave right away when the sun goes down! We saw it often… people ran away the moment the sun disappeared. This is unfortunate, as the sky always changed colour and lighted up so beautifully afterwards. And when it finally gets darker bit by bit, Santorini will show its romantic vibe with lovely lights all around. Worth waiting for!

Hotels with great sunset views

Instead of following the crowds, you can also enjoy the sunset privately from your hotel (room)! Doesn’t that sound like the perfect romantic start to the evening? Is it no surprise that some accommodations in Santorini offer the perfect location and setting for this occasion. Check out some of the options below and book yourself a perfect stay for your dream getaway.

Or try to find some other great deals via de map below:

Sunset restaurants in Santorini

Galini Cafe in Firostefani

If you prefer a relaxing seat with some bites and drinks we strongly advise you to enjoy your sunset from Galini Cafe. Not only because the views or the fresh watermelon juice are great, but they also created a very chilling vibe with perfect music in the background to enjoy the show. Galini Cafe also pays some extra attention to those Instagram shots. They have a table specially dedicated to taking photos on the roof. Here you will have guaranteed nice shots without people around.

Galini Cafe Santorini

Santorini sunset spots all over the island

Caldera promenade walk Firostefani

You probably heard of the views from the Caldera promenade walk from Firostefani to Thira. You can walk along the Caldera and water from one place to the other with incredible views! If you would like to do so, follow the promenade from the entrance of Galini Cafe towards the south to the cafe ‘Volkan on the Rocks’ for a nice sunset stroll.

Romance in nature with caldera view

Are you looking for a romantic sunset moment, maybe even with a picnic in more natural scenery but with beautiful views over the water? Then this spot is for you! You will find this location in the southern part of the island on the road towards Akrotiri. We found this ‘by accident’ as we were supposed to go to the lighthouse, but we would not make it on time. Luckily this stunning location presented itself. In the end, we were pleased that we ended up here. We had the place to ourselves and could enjoy the sunset together as a couple without many people and silence around us. It was so peaceful!

The best point for your navigation would be the restaurant ‘Panorama’. Just a little bit before, if driving from the east to the west, you will pass a company for rental scooters etc. You will then see a parking area on the right hand and the possibility to walk into the ‘fields’ down. Here you will find a great spot guaranteed.

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The famous Oia Sunset

Sunsets in Oia from the castle viewpoint, the most popular spot on the island to watch the sunset in Santorini. This location is the opposite of the nature experience above. No, this one is not romantic or quiet, but worth it as the view is insane. If you come here one hour to 30 minutes before sunset time, you might encounter a packed area already.

It is not for nothing the most popular spot…. the golden hour here is fascinating with the glow slowly coming over one of the prettiest white calderas. Trust us, you will soon forget about everyone around you when you see this. But if crowds or many clicking cameras isn’t your thing, still don’t skip it but, we recommend you to book a table in one of the restaurants to experience it all more quietly.

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Akrotiri lighthouse

On the Western tip, after an adventurous drive through bumpy roads, you will find the lighthouse with (again) lovely views for sunset. The scenery makes it perfect with the ocean in the background of the lighthouse. Besides that, in general, this is a less crowded place. So you can enjoy the spectacular sunset with more privacy.

Tip: ask a local for their favourite spots. There are hidden gems all around the island to watch the Santorini sunset!

Sunset tours

Are you in for a little extra? Check out some of these sunset tours in Santorini! Enjoy a boat rocking the slow waves while admiring the sky slowly turning orange. Or make ita tasty experience with a dinner or wine tasting!

We hope you will visit one of these beautiful Santorini Sunset spots. If you have any questions or would like to share your experience, please do not hesitate to contact us or to leave a comment below.


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