Locorotondo, get lost in Italy’s prettiest town in Puglia

Locorotondo in Puglia is waiting for you! Camera out, batteries fully charged and SD card empty! Visit Puglia to get lost for some hours in picturesque Locorotondo, Italy’s prettiest town! We arrived unprepared in this wonderful whitewashed hilltop maze and let the small streets that go in rounds through the historical centre guide us. Corner after corner the town shows its charm that will give you another perfect day in Puglia, the south of Italy, guaranteed! Find more information in this short guide to Locorotondo, Italy!

We will cover the following topics to make sure you do not miss out on anything:

  • Transport in Locorotondo
  • Where to stay in Locorotondo?
  • Why is Locorotondo in Puglia the prettiest town?
  • Daytrip Locorotondo in Puglia area

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Transport in Locorotondo

Travel in Puglia is lovely! We visited Locorotondo during our 7-day roundtrip in Puglia, Italy. For all ins and outs, ensure to read the blogpost shown below. In short: by far the best way to travel around in Puglia is by car. It is easy to rent a car at one of the airports when you arrive. Driving in the south of Italy is likely different from what you are used to. We provide you with a few tips for driving in our 7-day itinerary post: Travel in Puglia – the must do 7 day itinerary.

With a car, you can get very close to the historic centre. However, you are not allowed to enter the centre in a car. This is the case in many historic places in Italy, Make use of the centre parking in Locorotondo ‘Parcheggio Piazza Antonio Mitrano’. On Fridays, you can enjoy the local market. It is then more difficult to find a parking spot in the streets around.

Where to stay in Locorotondo?

Looking for a hotel in Locorotondo? There are many accommodations in Locorotondo as well as in the close surrounding and peaceful countryside. From hotels to holiday houses, villas and the best of the best traditional experience: stay in a real Trulli in Locorotondo! It is highly recommended to experience a stay in these small prehistoric buildings and also part of UNESCO World Heritage. And that is exactly what we did in a town called Martina Franca, around a 10-minute drive from Locorotondo. See a link to our accommodation in our Puglia blog post: Travel in Puglia – the must do 7 day itinerary or our Trulli Airbnb.

Why is Locorotondo the prettiest town?

Why? It’s magnificent! And you will quickly notice that when you drive towards it. Initially, we did not have Locorotondo on our itinerary to visit, and while walking around we wondered often why oh why we did not see this place on many of the blogs and channels we usually check for trip planning. It could be due to the fact that there are no famous or big tourist attractions. Most just recommended Alberobello which is incredibly famous for the Trulli’s, but it might have been forgotten that Locorotondo is one big open-air museum and a must-visit for a few hours. Read more about our full-day trip in this area below.

Locorotondo centro storico

First of all the name really caught our attention as it sounds so fun to say out loud with a wannabe Italian accent. And as we were close to Locorotondo, we drove past it several times enjoying the view on the white hilltop town each time a lot! It looks like a real champion on top of that hill in Valle D’Itria. And as the most romantic place in Italy! When you see ‘Centro Storico’ signs on the road you just know you will want to follow that route to see some marvellous historical city centres.

Going on a Friday we had the pleasure to visit the local market where we tried some Italian cheeses, many types of foods and ingredients and we took in all the energy on that one square of all Italians enjoying their time together. It is a real vibe!

After a while, we walked towards the church tower. Because how do you know what the direction to the city centre of an old town is? Always follow a church tower! When you will arrive at the first Piazza in front of the Church of Saint George, you can start walking around in the maze and in rounds. Rounds? Yes, the name Locorotondo means ’round place’. Well, then you know what to expect!

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  • Centro Storico: to find the most picturesque alleyways that are perfect into the details.
  • Italian food: enjoy some lunch in one of the most adorable restaurants with their tables in the small white alleys. You will find some very traditional restaurants for meat dishes or pizza.
  • Porta Napoli: Check the entry port on the other side of the town followed by a lovely looking square with a popular place for a coffee break, Caffe della villa.
  • Villa Comunale Giuseppe Garibaldi: the public park with some incredible panoramic views over the countryside, trulli’s and olive groves.
  • Churches: the main church is Church of Saint George. Other nice churches to visit are: San Nicola, Madonna della Greca, San Nicola and San Rocco.
  • Shops: the place where you can shop really local! Look around for some art works or ceramic shops.

A daytrip in Puglia area

Locorotondo deserves a few hours of your time but can be easily combined with two other towns: Alberobello and Cisternino. Three beautiful towns in the incredible Itria Valley where we started with Alberobello in the early morning to avoid mass tourism, followed by Locorotondo from lunchtime into the afternoon and Cisternino from dinnertime and evening.

If you love to shoot some photos or wander around in real Italian vibes, these are the places to be! Due to short distances is it easy to visit all in one day. You will be surprised by the unique characteristics of each town, make sure to not skip any and visit all.

Ready for this open-air museum – Locorotondo in Puglia, Italy’s prettiest town? We are looking forward to your experience here! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

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