The best restaurants in Mallorca with incredible food

Don’t look any further for the best restaurants in Mallorca because it won’t get more delicious than this! We have compiled a list of restaurants that will be a true highlight of your holiday to Mallorca. Before we left, many mentioned that the food scene is amazing in Mallorca. From Paella to seafood and more. They should have warned us better because we were nearly not able to stay out of restaurants during this trip. The food is incredibly delicious and potentially even the best we had in Europe ever. Curious to see which restaurants filled our tummies so yummy? Check it out here!

La Terazza

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Restaurants & food scene in Mallorca

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of food in Mallorca (or Majorca in English)? Is it the Spanish Tapas, Paella or the fresh seafood from the Mediterranean kitchen? Mallorca will provide you with great opportunities to enjoy delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The services we experienced as restaurant guests were outstanding. Besides that, you can taste that the food was prepared with love by the chef. Truly, no matter if you visit restaurants in Palma or any of the other smaller places.

We wish to give you one tip which is something that surprised us. Always try the aioli with bread for starters! Many restaurants have homemade aioli that is finger-licking good. Some moments we could eat more aioli with bread than other dishes, we just could not get enough of it. The best homemade aioli we enjoyed was in the restaurant Pura Vida, see below.

If you are looking for some special moments you can also pick restaurants with a special menu. Many locations offer tasting menus or fine dining options in the prettiest locations. For us, the most special places were the restaurants with incredible views over marinas or the Mediterranean Sea. In the end, every dish exceeded expectations, especially the seafood being so lovely and fresh.

Tip: We visited these restaurants during a beautiful and romantic trip to Mallorca. See our full itinerary A spectacular 7 day itinerary for your Mallorca holidays

Food tours in Mallorca

When in Food Heaven, you also like to do some unique activities in Mallorca right? As you can see below, the options are endless! From a cooking class to exploring the old town of Palma with some bites or more active on a bike or with horse riding. Wine tasting, food tasting, and cultural vibes… what else do you need?

7x the best restaurants in Mallorca

Please note that we are huge seafood lovers, so you will see this a lot. However, all the restaurants we visited offered a great variety of food from salads, chicken, steaks… name it. So there will always be something you love!

1. Restaurante Botavara in Cala D’or

A packed restaurant is always a good sign. We knew it was well deserved when taking the first bites from the shrimp croquettes as a starter and an unforgettable Seafood & lobster Paella as the main course. Before you wonder, Paella late at night? OH YES, we did it haha! Trust us, you would too when you smell the food in the restaurant. Combine it with some nice Sangria and you have a wonderful evening in one of the best restaurants in Mallorca.

2. Restaurante La Terrazza in Cala Mesquida

Be prepared to enjoy some of the best views of all restaurants in Mallorca! On this day we visited the beautiful sand beach Cala Mesquida. Before ending up on the beach we decided to go to La Terrazza for lunch which also has a pool bar. Great choice after all, except for the full round bellies we brought to the beach. Let’s say, it definitely helped us float on the stunning clear blue waters! Anyway, just make sure to visit this place to have great views from a higher point of view on the clear blue waters while enjoying your Italian Mediterranean dishes.

The design and decoration in the restaurant can be described as simple, which is no issue as the views ask for all your attention anyway. It gives you a more chilled feeling. The service is very pleasant and we were surprised by the costs for the quality of this food – only around 35 euros for the both of us for two main dishes, a dessert and drinks! The Frutti di Mare pizza was very delicious and finished before we knew it. The fresh seafood just makes you attack all the time. Jorinde enjoyed a black spaghetti (Spaghetti Neri) with fried tomatoes and shrimp.

3. Restaurant Ca’s Patró March in Cala Deià

A famous hotspot in Mallorca is Restaurant Ca’s Patró March. The region of Deià already attracts the rich and famous, but also TV shows! If you watched”The Night Manager” you will know this spot! A restaurant next to the waters with views over the sea and the small rocky beach Cala Deià. To ensure a table you must make a reservation beforehand unless you are lucky and they have a table available on the spot. This restaurant is wanted! When we went for lunch we were one of the lucky ones with only a waiting time of 20 minutes. People in line behind us already had to wait a minimum of one hour.

The restaurant has amazing vibes on top of a rock with a wooden roof and other wooden touches. The food, with a great focus on fish and seafood, is memorable! If you look at the tables around you (don’t we all sneaky check out other tables?), you will want to try every grilled fish, the fried seafood or several delicious salads. The shrimp salad was very rich in ingredients and highly recommended. The sizzling shrimp’s platter with fries was something unique! It was served in hot oil, be careful, and so tasty. Now, this was the moment that people came to our table to ask what dish we ordered here! Even though the place is a bit pricey, this restaurant in Mallorca is a food daydream!

4. Restaurant Brisas in Port de Pollenca

Oh heaven, what an unforgettable Paella! We truly found another food match made in heaven in this Mallorca restaurant. On this day we were visiting Playa de Formentor, close to the northern tip of the island. It was already a wonderful day and by the end of the day, we decided to stop in Port de Pollenca to wander around on the boulevard. It did not take us long before we felt that some tapas might be a good idea as an early snack before going for dinner later. We noticed Restaurant Brisas with its colourful outside terrace and a big menu ranging from tapas to fish, paella, meat and desserts. Besides that, the whole building and decoration looked amazing and showed a great history.

We started with tapas, the Red prawn croquettes and a salad of seafood. Well, this ended up in a perfect start. Eventually so good that we just decided to chill here a bit longer with some more drinks, bread and (obviously again) the homemade aioli until we felt like dinner. Best choice! We finally decided to go for the lobster paella to celebrate our last evening in Mallorca. After having the exact lobster presented to us from the tank, the paella was served on our platters one by one and we were quiet. So, so quiet except for just saying “hmmm, oh, hmmm, wow”.

5. Restaurante Pura Vida Mallorca in Cala Figuera

So in the morning, we enjoyed a very well-filling and yummy breakfast. It is also conveniently long served up till 1 PM, so great for those wishing to sleep in during the morning. We could not resist a romantic evening dinner here, so made reservations right away. Be aware that this is a must if you wish to have a table in the front directly with views over the sea. The menu is a great mixture of seafood, fish, vegetarian and others like steak. We, of course, if you know us by now enjoyed the seafood menu with a fresh shrimp mango salad with an Asian touch and as a main course grilled fish with black risotto and vegetables. But to be very honest, the most impressive was the homemade aioli!

6. Restaurant Porto Cari in Cala d’Or

Back to Cala D’or located next to the first Mallorca restaurant on this list. Restaurant Porto Cari caught our eye as well when visiting the neighbours next door. The interior is fully black and white which gives it a clean and luxurious touch. With the views over the yachts in the marina in front, it seems to be picture-perfect. We arrived around 9 PM without reservation which did not seem to be an issue. A table in front, sitting outside, was prepared and the start of an enjoyable evening together. Also due to the staff which was very friendly and provided great services.

What could be a real highlight is a big menu with great variety. Anyone will find a delicious dish for starter, main and dessert. Make sure to keep some space for the dessert because the ice cream options, churros and several other options are heavenly. We went for a shrimp pasta that was fresh and a highlight. But the best of the best were the shrimps with fried rice with mango and Teriyaki sauce. We were seriously sad when we took the last bite. Another dish served at the table next to us looked amazing, the seabass in a salt crust. Good excuse to come back!

7. Restaurant Ses Oliveres in Port de Sóller

The setting of the restaurant caught our attention while walking down the boulevard in Port de Sóller. You can sit in front of the restaurant, or “inside” which is actually still outside with an open roof, wooden touches and beautiful greens around. It feels like a little private garden separated from the boulevard. From Paella to seafood and other meat types like steak, they serve it all. But be aware that this might be one of the places that will exceed a set daily budget.

The fact that you can pick your fish was the attractive (but also expensive) factor for us to enter this place. A mixed fish platter was exactly what Nadiim felt like, with even the variety of having it fried or grilled. The team was very friendly and took all the time to explain the options and presented the platter for approval before preparing it. To finish with a “tarta de de queso vasca”, better known as Basque cheesecake was just pure magic. This dinner again ended up for one in the to-remember-food-book.

These best restaurants in Mallorca were a highlight of our trip! Of course, a few more places were visited, but we only present you here with the best and most memorable experiences. Well, where are you going? Let us know in the comments!

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