A unique stay – hotel Cas Comte Suites and Spa Mallorca review

Luxury Hotel Cas Comte Suites and Spa in Lloseta Mallorca welcomed us warmly in their small adults-only country manor house. They truly participated in a great holiday in Mallorca with their amazing service. The hotel is conveniently located in the middle of the island. Which gives you plenty of opportunities to explore around! Do you wish to have some lazy days? Don’t worry, the staff is happy to arrange a spa day, or you can relax on the rooftop pool. Read more about this wonderful hotel for couples.

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Staying at Hotel Cas Comte Suites and Spa

Do we feel that this hotel could be one of the best boutique hotels in Mallorca? Yes, without a doubt! Is this our very own and honest opinion? Yes, it 100% is! We are writing this review without any form of external influence or sponsoring.

This is clearly not the typical accommodation. This is a hotel with a story, great comfort and a way to find yourself in an ultimate peaceful state of mind. The serenity here is real from the moment you wake up, enjoying a slow breakfast to reading your book in all quietness at the pool with great views over all the rooftops around.

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Hotel location – Lloseta in Mallorca

Hotel Cas Come Suites and Spa is conveniently located in the middle of the island of Mallorca. More specifically, in the village of Lloseta. It is a fairly small place with about 6000 inhabitants. The hotel is directly next to the church and the main plaza “Placa Espana”. In the close surroundings, you will find a supermarket, a cafe and some restaurants. But do not expect wild nightlife.

What we surely enjoyed about this location is that it is very central. It is only a 30-minute drive to the airport in Palma de Mallorca and 40 minutes to the famous Soller and other pretty villages in the surrounding. Last but not least it is around 50 minutes to Cap de Formentor in case you wish to see a spectacular sunset on the Northern tip of the island. From here you can have it all: beaches, villages, viewpoints and yes incredible food.

Hotel facilities in general

The vibes of Cas Comte Suites and Spa will get to you. The unique 18th-century country manor house has a history and a story to tell! Details are kept so well when creating this hotel. Besides that, the design and furniture make the total picture perfect.

When you enter the square in front of the entrance, you already feel like you are in a special Mediterranean place. The warm colours and the set-up of the tables in front make you feel like coming home. When entering the reception area it is like you enter a living room where magical things happen. A big table with all kinds of liquor bottles, traditional furniture from back in the days and the reception with dark wooden touches.

Walking further you enter a small garden with seats close to the elevator and stairs towards the rooms and rooftop with a pool. This space looks incredible with arches and big pillars. You will wish to transfer your own house to these vibes!

In general, the hotel has the following interesting facilities:

  • A rooftop with beds and pool
  • Spa with Sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish Bath, thermal loungers, massage and more
  • Terrace
  • Breakfast area (lunch and dinner in restaurant closeby)
  • Reservation support for activities like biking and hiking
  • Airconditioning
  • Coffee bar
  • Internet
  • Daily cleaning

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The rooms

There are currently three options for you to rest your head on a comfortable pillow at night. The room types are:

  • Double Annex
  • Superior Double
  • Luxury Suite

The luxury suite at Cas Comte Suites and Spa

We had the pleasure of staying in the luxury suite. While we truly believe all room types are perfect, the suite gave us an extra spoiled feeling with the jacuzzi for two persons (!) and the 2 levelled rooms. There is a clear split between your living area with a comfortable sofa and bedroom for an extra spacious feeling. Also in the rooms, the design shows traditional touches with natural stone and dark wood. This stay gives you the feeling that you are away from your usual day-to-day life.

The accommodation, in general, was very quiet and therefore a good night’s sleep was guaranteed. Or well, maybe even some extra hours in the morning like we prefer! The bed was big and very comfortable. There are enough pillows and blankets for colder or warmer nights. You will also not lack entertainment options as, if you prefer to do so during your holiday, there are two TV’s in the room. One in the living area, and one in front of the bed.

Other parts that we absolutely loved are that they have bathrobes, hotel slippers and enough amenities available for you to use as shampoo and bath soap. The minibar is also well stocked and not overpriced if you wish to take some. Besides that water kettle for tea or a coffee machine is available if you wish to take anything other than soda. All are properly stored and out of sight with the safe in a closet.

Some rooms offer a terrace or balcony. That was maybe one thing that we were missing. However, the big windows in front could open widely and we had pretty views over the main square from our French type of balcony.

The food

While we are not the biggest breakfast eaters, we truly did become one at Cas Come Suites and Spa! During the first evening, we were already fantasising about what it would be like to wake up in this peaceful place, to then enjoy breakfast in the sun on the main square outside. Above all mornings, those mornings were the best! It is like waking up in a romantic movie.

Besides the perfect surroundings, the breakfast buffet was also well prepared and offered a great variety of food. One by one delicious food platters were presented that make your tummy happy. From different types of cheeses to smoked salmon, croissants, Spanish specialities, baguettes, eggs, fruits and so much more. Your first meal of the day will pleasure in any sweet or sour way!

If you wish to have lunch or dinner, the hotel staff will help you with reservations at a restaurant close to the hotel. They do not offer these services themselves. This did not bother us in any way as we were out exploring the island around these hours.

The staff

Without a doubt, in one word: fantastic! During the day we met several team members at the reception, breakfast and housekeeping. They all seem to fit the surroundings well with a very calm and serene way of working and communicating. As with everything, it fits the full vibe. Everyone is very polite and offers great service. You will always be welcomed with a smile.

The reception desk is not always available. They have limited opening times from 8 AM to 10 PM. However, that does not mean that the service stops. Once you check in, they will create a WhatsApp group with you and staff members. This way you are always connected and can get in touch when needed. Which we also did after 10 PM, and were provided support in a very kind and helpful way.

Another thing that we appreciated is the help we received to bring home some delicious Mallorcan speciality: Ensaimada. A very delicious pastry that comes in different flavours. We just wanted to know how long you could keep these pastries if you would want to bring them back home. After that within a second, we received all the information needed and they arranged with a local bakery that some would be prepared for us. Before we knew all was arranged and confirmed for pick up the next day before departure.

Overall review of Cas Comte Suites and Spa

Summing up all the above, I think you can already imagine that we are very positive about our stay at Cas Come Suites and Spa in Mallorca. You are staying in a little world closed off from the rest of the island. However, yet very centrally located to explore what is around. Surely it is a little piece of heaven for Adults only in luxurious surroundings. They offer the romance you would love for your couple’s trip or honeymoon. All together we truly consider this a great hotel in Mallorca (for adults).

We hope you have a very pleasant stay at Luxury and Adult Only Hotel Cas Come Suites and Spa in Lloseta, Mallorca. Did you already stay here? Share your experience in the comments! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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