Visit lovely tulip fields in the Netherlands in 2024

The tulip fields in the Netherlands will attract many visitors in 2024, as they do yearly in spring when over a million tulips are in full bloom. Surely it is a real tourist attraction but totally worth it with the endless colourful views. Moreover, this time of the year has the most lovely vibes in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. But where can you find the Dutch tulip fields? And did you know about tulip tours or the flower parade or Keukenhof Gardens? Let us show you around and enjoy the tulip fields all around.

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The best time to see tulip fields in the Netherlands

In general, your ideal time to visit is between mid-March and mid-May. In March the crocus season transforms the Netherlands from winter to spring vibes. After that, the daffodils and hyacinths join the show. The tulips, still the most famous of all, grow in all sizes from mid-April until the first week of May. We usually ensure to visit the fields at the end of April for the best experience. Do note that this is also a high season for worldwide visitors and the parks and fields might be busy.

Do’s and don’ts to know before you visit

Visiting the tulip fields in the Netherlands is fun and perfect for photo opportunities. Surely Instagram also had an impact on the popularity of the fields, which (as most of us travellers know) can also have an unfortunate damaging effect. The fields are a gem and we should all keep it that way. Please respect the few points listed below:

  • Do take beautiful photos of all the rainbow-coloured fields.
  • Do not walk through the fields in between the flowers. Sometimes you will also see a sign like here on the left side. Sometimes, you can only enter at the beginning for a photo or at a designated photo spot. More information & spots: Selfie tips with tulips.
  • You can sometimes walk along the long side of the fields. This varies per farm or owner of the fields.
  • Closed fields are closed, do not enter.
  • Do not leave trash behind. We understand it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your lunch or picnic with these views. However, trash goes in the bin.
  • Do not pick flowers. Go to a farm or shop to buy a prepared package or visit specific attractions that allow you to pick your own. See below.

Where to stay in the Netherlands during the tulip season

When the tulip season starts, the hotels in the Netherlands also feel a boost. Tourist season is starting and people from all over the world will come to visit this spectacle. But how to pick the best accommodation? That depends on your wishes of course. Most visitors want to combine their trip with some days in Amsterdam. For hotel deals in Amsterdam, see the map below and book your room rather sooner than later to get the best deals!

Another place to stay is in the area of Lisse. This way you are close to the biggest flower garden “The Keukenhof” and the open fields and farms. Another big pro of staying in this area is that you can enjoy nature much more. Go on a bike tour in the area or visit the beach and sea for a nice drink and some snacks. Especially in spring, this can give you a real “getaway” feeling! See below a list of other places to stay in the surrounding of Lisse:

Where to find tulip fields in the Netherlands near Amsterdam

As most of you will likely stay in Amsterdam, it is about time to explore more of this tiny pretty country! Where the surrounding of Lisse (Bollenstreek) is the most famous, you can certainly visit the admirable fields in more places. Of course, it would be best to visit the fields by car or bike. Don’t worry if you only have access to public transport, an option is to rent a bike (for example at the Keukenhof) to explore the surroundings. Can’t get more Dutch than that right?

The Bollenstreek

Most famous due to the Keukenhof, many other flower attractions in the region and distance from important cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, Haarlem and Leiden. This area is also known as “the Dune and Bulb Region” which could make it even more interesting! Combine the flower fields and visit the dunes and beaches with an excellent cycle tour. You will truly make the most out of your day!


Tulip fields in the Netherlands, Dutch tulip field, Red tulip

Keukenhof tulip garden

This prettiest tulip garden in Holland is enjoyable for a day out for all ages. Stroll around for a romantic walk with your partner or visit with your family given that there are fun activities for kids like a treasure hunt. Several inspirational gardens are waiting for you while you will see flowers from all around the world. Such as the Tropical Beach Garden or the Red Romance Garden. A lot of love and dedication goes into creating the Keukenhof yearly, with often special themes and new highlights that you will unquestionably love.

Book tickets for the Keukenhof

You can only buy your tickets online via these links and enter the park during the assigned timeslot. In general, most visitors spend 3 hours inside where you are also able to enjoy food and drinks. If you would like to extend your stay, you might want to consider renting bikes to explore the surroundings. In this case, you can visit more tulip fields and flower farms for a full tulip experience!

Visit a Tulip farm in the Netherlands

One of the best experiences and a great way to get close to tulips and learn more about the growing process. Not every farm is open for visitors, but some of them are real flower attractions with entertaining activities for all ages. Find some recommendations below:

Hanneke’s pluktuin

Tulip Farm “De Tulperij”

Are you ready to visit the tulip fields in the Netherlands in 2024?

Let us know if you have any questions. Feel free to share your own experience in the comments below.

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