10 lovely couple challenges for travelling in Italy

Couple Challenges for travellers, that is fun! Ready for a new series on our blog? This time we will share 10 fun challenges for couples to do when travelling in Italy. A country full of romantic places can bring the two of you closer than ever before. Feeling like some fun on the way? Try these couple challenge ideas and do not forget to capture them on camera for the memory box!

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1. Love challenges for couples: have the Spaghetti-kiss scene

Number one needs to be our favourite one of the couple challenges straightaway! Don’t we all know how to share Spaghetti in a romantic way? Especially seeing that scene from the Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp’, where the two dogs end up eating the same Spaghetti noodle on each end coming closer and closer for the ultimate kiss? Go for it! Ignore the eyes from those around you…

Pasta in Italy

2. Sweet couple challenge: Italian nickname

Italian is one of the most romantic languages in the world. Of course, you need to make wise use of this! For instance, find each other a sweet Italian nickname and that’s the only name allowed during this whole trip. Need some help starting?

  • Tesoro mio: my treasure
  • Principino: Little Prince
  • Dolcezza: sweetest girl
  • Scimmietta: little monkey (her)

3. Adventurous couples, hike Cinque Terre holding hands

Cinque Terre is a real hotspot in Italy where many couples go to find some romance. That is also due to the scenery which makes it a great destination for wedding photoshoots as well. You can make this visit more active by doing, for example, the Cinque Terre hike in between several villages with the most wonderful views. Want to make it extra special? Hold each other’s hands while hiking and do not let go under any circumstances. That’s surely a really fun challenge!

Cinque Terre Vernazza

4. A travel couples love song playlist for each other

Doing a road trip in Italy? A playlist with great music is without a doubt a must! Prepare a playlist for each other with love songs or songs you know your partner will like. To point out that this is also a real test to see how well you actually know each other. Want to have romance on full volume with some deeper connection? Add the ones with real, honest and relatable lyrics.

5. Have a picnic on top of a cliff in Puglia

Puglia has some beautiful ocean viewpoints. There are some beaches around but also many cliffs. Find that romantic spot and take the picnic basket out for some great couple time. Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Sure, whatever you feel like! Would you like to read more about a trip to Puglia, check our post PUGLIA, ITALY TRAVEL GUIDE – THE MUST DO 7 DAY ITINERARY.

Adventurous couples, couple challenges in Italy, couple challenges

6. Fun challenges for couples sing a serenade under a typical Italian balcony

If you know the story of Romeo and Juliet you understand this challenge. As considered by many, one of the most famous movies scenes ever shot in Verona. Therefore it is a must on this list! Juliet stands on a balcony and Romeo below in the garden. Romeo and Juliet declare their love and their bond for a lifetime. Thus, time to find that balcony for your romantic serenade!

7. Learn Italian love words from a local

Don’t we all like to learn some new language skills along the trip? The first thing to remember here is to be sure of what you are learning! In this situation learn some Italian words to express your love. For example for waking up, before going to sleep, to compliment or to tease a bit. Lastly, locals will be most likely happy to help you with this!

Romantic-place-in-Italy, couple challenges, Monopoli in Italy

8. Take a typical leaning tower of Pisa photo

Oh we love these, another fun challenge for couples! The very touristic photos of holding the leaning tower of Pisa. Yes we have to be honest, we did some of those too and it was fun! Generally, it requires real coordination and communication between the two of you to get that shot perfect. Fun and good memories guaranteed!

9. Couple challenges on a Vespa

Vroom vroom! Undoubtedly you will see them all around in every Italian city, of course the Vespa! You also have opportunities to explore the countryside like romantic Tuscany with just the two of you rolling around. Did you know that there are even options to book trips for multiple days? Check “The Vespa trip” for more information. Jump on the Vespa, sit and hold tight!

Fun challenges for couples

10. Pick your partners Italian ice cream flavour

Italy is one of the countries where you MUST try the ice cream. They have so many flavours you never heard of before like Tiramisu. Time to do some tasting! Pick your partners ice cream flavour without telling what it will be. Let’s see if you know what your partner loves and if your partner can guess what it is! But also a great opportunity to try something new instead of sticking to those flavours we already love and always pick.

So what travel couple challenges will you certainly add to the to do list? Please let us know which you enjoyed the most!

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