A spectacular 7 day itinerary for your Mallorca holidays

Plan your holidays in Mallorca with our 7-day itinerary for the best island trip! Do you know the island only for parties or the beach holidays in Mallorca? Are you wondering how you can spend one week in Mallorca? Let us convince you that there is so much more. Because Mallorca is truly a surprising destination for budget and luxury holidays. Find yourself on beautiful beaches with incredible clear blue waters and enjoy spectacular views from the mountain ranges. And do not forget to visit picturesque villages all over the island. Interested to know what our real highlight was? The food! Trust us, you wake up looking forward to the Mediterranean lunch and dinner every day. Get ready for our tips for a trip to Mallorca, a fantastic 7-day itinerary.

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Map of places to visit in Mallorca

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Where to stay in Mallorca

Mallorca is a rather big island and to see it all during your Mallorca holidays, it’s best to split the week into two different destinations of places to stay in Mallorca. Depending on your wishes for sightseeing you could consider staying in the island opposites or really around the places that you like. Find more deals via Booking.com here:


We decided to stay in Cala D’Or firstly for a beach holiday in Mallorca, making a road trip along the coast with beautiful beaches. There are countless accommodations in this area. Hotels, apartments, resorts or hostels for students, families or couples. You name it! Secondly, we crossed the island to get close to the Soler and Alcudia area. We had a lot to explore on this side of the island and therefore decided to stay in Lloseta, more mainland. From here on the northern part of the island was easily accessible and all within driving distance. In Lloseta we stayed in Cas Comte Suites and Spa (Adults only). We truly adored the hotel and had a very pleasant stay.

Read a full review of our stay at Cas Come Suites and Spa here, with more detailed info and many more photos!

One week in Mallorca – 7 day itinerary

Note: for this one-week itinerary we arrived late evening on the day before to have 7 full days on the island. Due to the size of the island, it is highly recommended to have a rental car for your holiday in Mallorca.

Day 1: Cala Mesquida Beach

Kicking off the week right away with a road trip to one of the prettiest beaches of Mallorca, Cala Mesquida Beach! One you must visit for a beach holiday in Mallorca. It is an hour’s drive from Cala D’Or, which flies by when driving through several nice places and views over the landscape in Mallorca. You can access the beach in different ways. However, we decided to go for lunch before hitting the beach. We ended up in a restaurant that is like a dream! La Terrazza in Cala Mesquida offers beautiful views over the ocean and the food was delicious. Next to this restaurant you also have a parking lot.

After lunch, we headed to the beach which is from this restaurant easily accessible via a road and stairs leading straight to the beach. The beach is lovely long stretched and with clean sand. Compared to some other locations in Mallorca where the beaches are filled with rocks. The water is so clear that you just keep staring at it. Be ready to get that summer tan today!

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Day 2: Visit Palma de Mallorca

From a day at the beach, we now continue to visit the biggest city on the island Palma de Mallorca. One you usually should not skip during your Mallorca holidays. However, to be very honest we did not fully enjoy the day. It was a hot day and it was hard to have some fresh air in the city that did not smell nice. Do you want me to be more detailed? The smell of pee… no that is not pleasant. We do not know if we were just not lucky this day, as we heard so many great stories about the city from others. So to conclude: if you like to visit a city, go. But if you prefer the island vibe and beach or nature days you can spend this time better than going to the city.

Palma de Mallorca welcomed us greatly with the most impressive building: the Cathedral. Afterwards, we walked around in the city centre, particularly in the old city centre. Here you will see many small and unique shops, but also some international well-known fashion stores. Okay let’s admit something else, we always shop dramatically in Spanish cities! Always requiring us to get another suitcase or buy extra kilos for the flight back. Spain is just absolutely perfect for a shopping trip. Also in Palma de Mallorca, you will open your wallet for sure!

Some might be afraid to drive in a foreign country, especially in cities. Do not worry about driving or parking in Palma de Mallorca. We parked in underground parking near the Cathedral called Parking Antoni Maura. From here it was easy to visit the Marina Puerto de Palma, the old city of Palma de Mallorca and obviously some of the most important sights like the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca city

Day 3: time for a Beach holiday in Mallorca

After a day in the city, you deserve a break on the beach again. Especially as there are still so many beaches to discover all around! This time you can take a road trip towards the southern part of the island. You will mostly find “Cala’s” which are like small bays in between rock formations. And they are mesmerizing! However, it also means that the beaches are less conveniently accessible. For anyone fit there is no issue, just be aware that you often need to walk 15-30 minutes from the parking. This includes also some bumpy roads. If you are travelling with kids or might struggle walking longer distances, maybe not all beaches are easy to visit.

This day is perfect for visiting several places. Keep in mind that the drive from and to places can take longer than expected as the roads are zigzagging around the island. A village to visit on this day is Cala Figuera. A small fisherman’s village and really picturesque you will most likely enjoy it! From here you can also book other activities like boat trips.

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Our favourites for a beach holiday in Mallorca

  • The bluest waters at Cala des Moro
  • Blue waters and rocky Cala s’Almunia
  • Sandy beach at Cala Santanyí
  • Beautiful surroundings at Cala Llombards
  • Stunning bay views in S’Amarador Beach
  • Surrounded by nature in Cala Mondragó

And truly the best part is that you will be so amazed and surprised by the blue waters of these places. Even though we know the beauty of Europe, and are super proud of our continent. It still felt so unreal that we had these gorgeous places so close to home! Who doesn’t want to spend a day here?

All of the beaches have parking in the area, but as mentioned before the distances to walk towards the beach vary. Cala des Moro is our favourite, with a 20-30 minute walk which is totally worth it! Cala S’Almunia is around the corner from Cala des Moro. Two places with parking close to the beaches are Cala Santanyi and Cala Llombards. And lastly, S’Amarador Beach and Cala Mondragó are located uniquely in Parc Natural de Mondragó where you can walk towards the beaches lovely in the shades of the trees for about 15-25 minutes.

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Cala des Moro

Day 4: North Mallorca and Sa Calobra route

Time to switch to the other side of the island! We are leaving Cala D’Or and moving to Lloseta (Cas Comte Suites and Spa). Right away we felt a difference in the vibe. Where the days before were real holidays and beach vibes, we now entered an area with Mallorcan charm. Small picturesque villages located in between mountain ranges and incredible roads leading to some small beaches. If you love the long stretched and sandy beaches, you might not prefer to come here. If you are a viewpoint lover, you will definitely enjoy some on this side of the island.

After the switch in the morning, which is around 50 minutes, we continued our day with something spectacular. Time for a road trip on the MA10 from Soller to Sa Colobra, which is considered one of the best road trips in Mallorca. The road has countless turns in between the mountains and at great heights. The distance in KM is not that long, but due to slow driving and the many turns, you can easily spend 1-hour one way here. Just be really careful and enjoy the ride.

At the end of the trip, you can enjoy the beach, a refreshing swim or a drink and food. Just take your time and enjoy another day on this diverse island. A good thing to keep in mind is that the beaches on this side of the island are rockier. So bring a thick towel to sit on, and if possible also water shoes.

Day 5: Villages Valdemossa and Deia

Two highlights; Deia and Valdemossa in Mallorca. In typical small villages, you can just stroll around in the most adorable streets. Both are well known by tourists and that is also the main focus. Make a stop in both places this day and just spend your time admiring, strolling around, enjoying several viewpoints, shopping in the unique boutique shops and enjoying life around you while sitting on a terrace sipping a Sangria.


Deia is well known as a place that attracts some of the rich and famous due to its picturesque character and the presence of Hotel Belmond La Residencia, previously owned by Richard Branson. Many artists like Beyonce or The Beatles and even Princess Diana from England enjoyed a stay here. The remarkable village built on a hilltop in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains is now also part of the Unesco World Heritage, and they deserve that! It is such a “tranquil” place that you will instantly feel so calm and peaceful. From the village of Deia, you can enjoy some more time in this dreamy area in Cala Deia. Here you will find one of the most famous restaurants Ca’s Patro March where the food is to die for!

Don’t forget the food tips for an incredible food experience in Mallorca! You can find all here The best restaurants in Mallorca with incredible food

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In Valdemossa you will feel a different vibe. Even though both places are tourist magnets, Valdemossa shows this clearly. There is limited parking close to the centre so make sure that you are on time, Immediately you feel welcomed by the small streets with shops (beautiful dresses!), delicious ice cream and beautiful buildings around you. Valdemossa is also located on a hilltop and all the interesting sights are stretched over the place. I would recommend you to not skip any part as there is something impressive around every corner. Valdemossa is a place where you need to look into the details. From the design of the walls to the playful details on the buildings, the use of wood and colourful flowerpots really make it picture-perfect.

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Day 6: Es Colomer and Platja de Formentor

Pack your swimming outfit! Because after another spectacular drive, you can enjoy some more blue waters and pretty views! Today you will visit the Northern tip of the island. Driving towards this area you might come across Alcudia and Port de Pollença. Both are tourist places for a perfect family holiday in Mallorca. Both places have very long stretched beaches that you will love. On the way back, after the day at the beach, we went back to Port de Pollença for a nice dinner on the boulevard. It is a vibrant area!

Es Colomer

The first stop of the day is the highest panoramic viewpoint on the island, called Es Colomer. Again you will follow a zigzagging route until you notice a parking lot with the sign “Mirador”. Do take the opportunity as the views are breathtaking! From here on you can follow the road towards Albercutx Tower, an old defence tower with endless views over the bay and ocean. This also seems to be a terrific spot for sunrise and sunset. The road is narrow, so take it easy and stay safe. From up here, you can also see your next destination, Platja de Formentor. Wonder where it is? Just spot the incredibly turquoise blue waters!

Es Colomer, Mallorca holidays, Mallorca viewpoint, Mallorca must do, mallorca must see

Platja de Formentor

Are you ready to cool down in more crystal clear waters that will complete your beach holidays in Mallorca? Take the road further down to Platja de Formentor. It is again a very narrow road with hairpin turns. Another thing to be aware of is that you have wild goats and sheep in the area so drive slowly. Once all the way down you can leave your car in a paid parking lot. From here it is max. 10-minute walk to the beach. Drop your towel on the left or right side of the dock and restaurant and enjoy that refreshing dip! The good thing about this beach is that you have trees all around, for families or those who prefer to sit in the shade instead of full sun on the beach. Have a great day!

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Day 7: Villages Soller and Port de Soller

More Mallorcan charm is waiting for you that many people visit during their holidays in Mallorca! Two characteristic places; Soller and Port de Soller. Soller is very well known as a tourist place. Also welcoming many tourists from Palma de Mallorca who take the authentic train with a connection to Port de Soller. In Soller, you can obviously enjoy some culinary highlights and real Mediterranean architecture. Besides that, you can also visit some museums or rent a bike to discover the mountain area. When we drove around, we noticed that this part of the island is great for cyclists who love a challenge. And many professionals do take that challenge!

After a visit to Soller, we recommend you continue the day in Port de Soller. You can guess, this is a harbour village with a beach and an entertaining boulevard. You can stroll around or take enjoy your last day at the beach if you are looking forward to a beach holiday in Mallorca. Do note that it can get crowded quickly. If you wish for more action, you have more water activities like boat trips. There are many places for delicious lunch or dinner. Again the seafood here was outstanding! So fresh, you will think of this for a very long time. Don’t go home too early if possible as the sunsets can be memorable here!

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We hope you will have a fantastic time during your beach holidays in Mallorca. What is the day you are looking forward to most? Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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