Stopover tickets: 12 airlines with free stopovers in 2024

The stopover is still one of our favourite travel tips and we are thrilled to share 12 airlines with free stopovers. And above all, sometimes even a free hotel stay, WOW! Turn your long flight into an adventure or add a new destination to your quick visit list. What is better than finding yourself in a new place for free? Wander around in Amsterdam and visit a museum or enjoy the street food in Singapore. Certainly, these airlines will make it happen for you!

Are stopover flights worth it?

With a stopover, you have a connecting flight after 24 hours and you will stay in another destination which is often on the usual route to your final destination. That is the opportunity to explore new places while you are on the way already! Therefore it is worth it to look into international airlines with free stopovers!

The cherry on top is that some airlines include a free hotel stay as well! Might be worth knowing when picking a specific airline or destination. This could make a big difference as well compared to going on two different trips and needing two separate flight tickets. It is time to combine and use our must-know travel tip!

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What are complimentary stopovers?

Finally, no more need to hang around at an airport for hours, airlines encourage you to be an explorer with their airline stopover programs! But what does it mean to have free stopovers? Often, if you book an extra stop on a ticket yourself, airlines will charge you extra compared to flying directly on a connecting flight. But lucky us happy travellers, there are airlines with free stopovers! This option is for free so you will not pay any additional airfare, But you will discover more places in one go! Make sure to read all terms & conditions carefully.

The best airlines with free stopovers

Note: airlines might revise or cancel their stopover programs at any time. We always aim to have all information as up-to-date as possible, but it cannot be guaranteed.

1. Stopover KLM

Stopover KLM, stopover airlines, airlines with free stopovers

2. Stopover Iceland Air

Stopover Iceland Air

3. TAP stopover, Portugal

Stopover Tap, airlines free stopover, stopover flight

4. Stopover Dubai: Emirates

Stopover Emirates, airlines with free stopovers, book flight with stopover

5. Turkish Airlines

Stopover Turkish Airlines

6. Qatar Airways

An airline and destination that just keeps coming! Experience your Qatar stopover in Doha. Immerse yourself in a different world for up to four nights. The accommodations are not for free, but they offer a very generous discount starting from around 20 dollars per night! Doesn’t that sound very attractive?


7. Stopover Air Canada

Stopover Air Canada

8. Stopover Singapore with Singapore Airlines

Singapore, an impressive city with great cultural diversity! However, this airline does not promote a specific free stopover package. But from our own experience, we wish you all to enjoy this perfect stopover destination so we add it to this list anyway. Unfortunately, it seems that they discontinued their interesting stopover offer called the “Singapore stopover holiday” (SSH) where you can enjoy a hotel stay, transport and visit attractions for an attractive reduced price. It is still worth contacting their customer service to see the options available!

Stopover Singapore Airlines

9. Stopover program Iberia

The stopover program “Hola Madrid” welcomes you for 1 to 6 nights in the capital of Spain. Iberia might want to be one of the best airlines with free stopovers with this package. Who doesn’t love some Spain time? Madrid is perfect for a cultural trip or to even do some shopping. Iberia made sure to offer more to give you the best time with many exclusive offers on accommodation, leisure, transport and they even bring you in touch with a local! Soon more about this great option!

Stopover Iberia

10. Etihad free stopover

Abu Dhabi will give you such a unique experience! After visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi is very high on our wishlist also in the form of a stopover. The city is perfect for a few days to get to know the Arabic culture and to visit one of the most impressive mosques in the world; Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are relatively close to each other so it will be even an option to enjoy both in one trip!


11. Japan Airlines

12. Qantas stopover multi-city trip

All the way from down under, Australia, you also have multiple options for a great stopover! The flights might already be longer than usual due to the distances between continents. Therefore it might be even more attractive to add an extra stop in between with a stopover via Qantas! The airfare will not include extra costs for a stopover, no matter how many stops you are making.

Do you like this option of having airlines with free stopovers? Are you convinced to start making use of this must-know travel tip and enjoy the benefit of airlines that offer free stopovers? Let us know in the comments what your next destination will be!

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