Stopover tickets: 10 airlines with free stopovers

The stopover is still one of our favorite travel tips and we are thrilled to provide you with all the ins and outs. This time a must know; airlines that offer free stopovers! With sometimes even free hotel stay, WOW! Turn your long flight into an adventure or add a new destination to your quick visit list. What is better than finding yourself in a new place for free? Wander around in Amsterdam and visit a museum or enjoy the streetfood in Singapore. Certainly, these airlines will make it happen for you!

We will cover the following topics to make sure you do not miss out on anything:

  • What is a stopover flight?
  • 10 airlines with free stopovers

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What is a stopover flight?

With a stopover, you have a connecting flight after 24 hours and you will stay in another destination which is often on the usual route to your final destination. That is the opportunity to explore new places while you are on the way already!

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Book your stopover flight

Finally, no more need to hang around at an airport for hours, airlines encourage you to be an explorer! But what does it mean to have free stopovers? Often if you book an extra stop on a ticket airlines will charge you extra compared to flying directly on a connecting flight. But lucky us happy travellers, there are airlines with free stopovers! This option for free so you will not pay any additional airfare, BUT will discover more places in one go! Make sure to read all terms & conditions carefully.

The cherry on top is that some airlines include a free hotel stay as well! Might be worth knowing when picking a specific airline or destination. This could make a big difference as well compared to going on two different trips and needing two separate flight tickets. It is time to combine and use our must-know travel tip!

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1. Stopover KLM

Is Amsterdam on your bucketlist? You like to get lost in the cutest alleys, Red Light District or find yourself in between some masterpieces in one of the many museums? Seeing that, KLM is bringing you closer to a short stay. Flying to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport might be a perfect option for you due to the rich network and connecting flights from and to Amsterdam and the rest of the beautiful world.

Therefore book your stopover with KLM HERE. And they make it even more attractive than others; passengers are entitled to at least 1 free stopover on the outbound and another free stopover on the inbound per ticket. 1+1 = 2!

Stopover KLM

2. Stopover Iceland Air

Crossing the Atlantic anytime soon? Certainly, Iceland is a perfect stop for flights between Canada and the United States and Europe. Switch your travel focus and get lost in the beautiful nature before finding yourself in the packed metropolitan cities. Do not forget to pack your swimming clothes for your dip in one of the many hot springs in Iceland.

Book your stopover with Iceland Air HERE. Where you can stay on a free stopover for min. 1 to max. 7 days.

Stopover Iceland Air

3. TAP stopover, Portugal

TAP Air Portugal, offering free stopovers for Lisbon and Porto. Two exquisite cities that are guaranteed a success stopover where you will experience a great mixture of culture, culinary highlights and beautiful architecture. Interested in Lisbon? Make sure to check out our blogpost: ULTIMATE 24 HOURS IN LISBON, PORTUGAL

Therefore, Book your stopover with Tap Air Portugal HERE. The minimum stay is 24 hours up to max 120 hours (5 days). In this case, it will be enough time for you to discover the cities or even the surrounding of Magnificent Portugal.

Stopover Tap

4. Stopover Dubai: Emirates

Well if there is one airline you should experience a minimum of once in a lifetime, it is Emirates! Comfort, service and great entertainment guaranteed. But let’s not forget about one of the greatest stopover destinations: Dubai! We did a 3-day stopover in Dubai and enjoyed it to the fullest. Do not forget to check out our Dubai blog post: Best Dubai tips to know before you travel

Book your stopover with Emirates HERE. Before proceeding an extra tip: you could be entitled to the Dubai Connect service. Are you staying longer than 10 hours but shorter than 24 you are even luckier! Emirates offers free hotel rooms in Dubai to any of these travellers! Check this out HERE.

Stopover Emirates

5. Turkish Airlines

Flying between Europe and Asia or Africa? Istanbul is waiting for you! And Turkish Airlines is ready to fulfil your wish. Istanbul is a perfect city to spend a few days before hopping on to the next destination. And what makes it even better? You even have the opportunity to stay in some of the best hotels for free! Note: this offer is currently on hold due to COVID-19.

Book your stopover with Turkish Airlines and more information HERE. Passengers wishing to benefit from stopover free accommodation service should prefer a transit duration between two flights lasting 20 hours or more

Stopover Turkish Airlines

6. Finnair 

Another city that we would love to add to our stopover list; Helsinki! This is perfect for a short stop between Northern America – Europe – Asia. Sitting on a long flight, a stop in Helsinki – known for its fresh air – can be very pleasant and welcome. Do you have more time? See if you can explore the country which can turn into a wonderful winter wonderland during the colder months.

Book your stopover with Finnair HERE. You can add up to 5 days to your itinerary.

Stopover Finair

7. Stopover Air Canada

One of the best options around! Surprisingly several options for free hotel stays and three more cities to tick off your bucketlist: stopover in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Flying from and to Canada on the in- and outbound flight? Being that, you can take the opportunity for a stopover twice and mix the cities to visit. Perfect! Note: the Air Canada Stopover Program is currently suspended due to COVID-19 until further notice. 

Book your stopover with Air Canada HERE. Minimum requirement is a stay of 6 hours or more.

Stopover Air Canada

8. Stopover Singapore with Singapore Airlines

Singapore, an impressive city with a great cultural diversity! However, this airline does not promote a specific free stopover package. But from our own experience, we wish you all to enjoy this perfect stopover destination so we add it to this list anyway. They do have an interesting offer called the “Singapore stopover holiday” (SSH) where you can enjoy a hotel stay, transport and visit attractions for an attractive reduced price.

We noticed when doing a test booking that stopovers are also not automatically included for free. Solution? Just get in touch with their travel agents through customer service to book this.

Book your Singapore stopover Holiday package HERE.

Stopover Singapore Airlines

9. Stopover program Iberia

Stopover program “Hola Madrid” welcomes you for 1 to 6 nights in the capital of Spain. And who doesn’t love some Spain time? Madrid is perfect for a culture trip or to even do some shopping. Iberia made sure to offer more to give you the best time with many exclusive offers on accommodation, leisure, transport and they even bring you in touch with a local! Soon more about this great option!

Book your stopover with Iberia HERE. And don’t forget all those attractive discounts.

Stopover Iberia

10. Etihad free stopover

Abu Dhabi will give you such an unique experience! After visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi is very high on our wishlist also in form of a stopover. The city is perfect for a few days to get to know the Arabic culture and to visit one of the most impressive mosques in the world; Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are relatively close to each other so it will be even an option to enjoy both in one trip!

Book your stopover with Etihad HERE. See which of the two packages suits you best: “free 2-night stopover” or a “Abu Dhabi 2 for 1 Stopover”.

Stopover Etihad

Do you like this option of having airlines with free stopovers? Are you convinced to start making use of this must-know travel tip and enjoy the benefit of airlines that offer free stopovers? Let us know in the comments what your next destination will be!

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