10 important tips for travelling as a couple

Travelling as a couple can be challenging! Breaking with a true story; travel can make or break a relationship. But we got you! You spend 24/7 together, have both your own travel style, ideas and wishes. Especially when it is your first vacation as a couple you might feel stress which is all fine! You could even face challenges that are unexpected and discover traits or skills from your partner you were not aware of before. No worries, there are many couples that end up with a stronger relationship and couples trip for a lifetime! Find here our top 10 tips for travelling as a couple from our own experience.

We will cover the following topics to make sure you do not miss out on anything:

  • Why are these tips for travelling as a couple important?
  • Our top 10 tips from our own experience

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Travelling as a couple

Why are these tips for travelling as a couple important?

Even though we wish it to everyone, a romantic memory for a travelling couple is not always guaranteed. We have seen it before; those who get even closer during a trip, are aligned in their travel wishes and create a bond of a lifetime! Or unfortunately, couples breaking up after a trip, realizing that their partner is (due to various reasons acknowledged during travelling) in the end not the one for the future.

And then not to forget the excitement or stress of going on a first trip ever together, spending 24/7 with just the two of you. For some who are used to travelling solo, it might be a real switch, even if you are already living together and have your daily routines in life already.

After several trips, we are happy to say that we are one of the survivors that created a strong and aligned travel bond. We truly believe a lot comes down to making sure that the expectations are clear for both to avoid nerves, disappointments or arguments. The tips below can help you to prepare well and help you on the road during your trip. Wishing you a lot of love!

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Our top 10 tips for travelling as a couple

1. Know each others travel style

  • Planning: Some are planners some would like to go with the flow. Discuss how you like to spend your days and how many will be active and how many will be for example beach days. Understand that flexibility is all fine from both sides, especially if that means you can spend some valuable time together in maybe a different location or restaurant as expected.
  • Preferred activities: You can also experience differences in the preferred activities. Active, hiking, adrenaline sports, archaeological sites, historical city walks, beach time…. you name it.
  • What to pack: and different activities also require different items to pack! Make sure you know what to bring so you don’t have one person with high heels and the other on flipflops only.

So what does your dream trip look like? And how can you compromise in fitting all in one?

Couple road trip, Monaco

2. Couple travelers – have some allowed ‘you time’

Don’t worry it is all fine if someone would like to have a personal moment to read a book, for a nap or maybe even to go to that museum the other is not interested in at all. You do not have to share all the same interest but can support. If you both can find some moments to take time for yourself it may benefit you and the trip way more in the end. No need to sit grumpily together if you can have some important and enjoyable time for yourself. You are allowed to still fly solo on a couples trip!

3. Romantic travel? It is not 24/7 romance

You saw those movies where the romance is constantly ongoing on a couples trip? Travelling couples, forget that. Some days will be full of romance and other moments you will be tired of full days exploring with moments of silence that you do not share the biggest stories constantly. Accept that and do not assume right away that something is going on. Remember, a holiday is also to rest and to recharge from (often) jobs with limited holidays per year. Make the bed ready for your partner and cuddle to fall asleep nicely. Can be pretty romantic after all.

Solo travel, Partners travel, Puglia water

4. Have the money talk

A must for travelling together! The travel budget can be a real point of arguments and uncomfortable situations when you travel as a couple. Especially if you have different individual budgets and if there is a difference in preferred spending. While someone rather enjoys a day in a beach club, the other could be very satisfied with a picnic on the beach from the local supermarket with their own towel.

And will you put all budget in one wallet or split all receipts in the end? Make sure to have expectations clear on this point. Especially as the other person could also feel obliged to keep paying while he can’t afford it, or ashamed to be clear and honest about the maximum budget available. It could be wise to use the budget of the lower-income partner as a reference.

5. For the adventurous couples – try something new

There will be activities that are new for you both or maybe even some activities that you can introduce to the other! Be open and enjoy these new experiences to the fullest. It will for sure be a great memory! Your partner will be so happy to share something big from his/her life or a hobby. That is how Jorinde felt when introducing Nadiim to the beautiful underwater world. We enjoy diving both so much now that more diving trips as diving buddies will follow in the future!

Couple travelers, diving in Mauritius, divers, adventurous couple

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6. Couple travelers, keep habits in mind

If you know each other for a while you might know some more habits, but for sure you will get to know some more during a trip! Keep these habits in mind when planning your trip or when you go out for a day. Someone might really need a coffee before going out in the morning, is organized and keeps the room tidy or does need to have breakfast while someone else might skip these. These habits can also be something to looking forward to or hunt for together. For example, someone always brings home a specific souvenir back home from every destination. You can both keep an eye out for the perfect one!

7. Pick your destination, transport & accommodation together

Prepare both your bucket list and see what you have in common to travel next to. Ensure here as well that the day to day planning allows you both to do activities to your liking. Also, check the transportation you would like to use. In Europe for example much can be done by car or train while someone else might not enjoy road trips or gets car sick and prefers to travel by airplane. And what about your place to stay? Are you going for hotels, Airbnb or even ready for a hostel with private or shared rooms?

Mixing Cultures, travel couples, adventurous couples

8. Fill the memory box, take photos

Nothing better than coming home from a beautiful trip and having these moments captured when you travel as a couple. You will share these memories forever and might even bring them back into your house with photos on the wall. Capture those delicious food moments, the brightest smiles on the beach, sweaty heads from the hike, bloopers, sunsets and selfies. Like to have photos together, other than selfies? Buy a tripod and get some of those nice couple shots! Some moments are meant to be kept forever.

9. A fun couple’s trip – relax & have fun

It’s time for just the two of you! Remember that not everything has to be perfect. Make sure to enjoy yourself when you travel as a couple. These days you can do whatever you want and whatever you feel like. Waking up and love to lay in each other’s arms a bit longer? Do so! Feeling like two ice creams on a day? Do so! Feel like dressing up for a more fancy romantic night out for dinner? Do so! You can relax and enjoy the days to the fullest.

Travelling as a couple, Galini Hotel, Galini hotel Santorini, Santorini Greece, Santorini hotels

10. The best in travelling as a couple – fall in love over and over again

Travelling can bring out the best in people and sometimes even unexpected moments you would never expect. Get to know each other deeper, share whatever stories you feel like and take a deep breath in those beautiful places while wrapping your arms around each other. There are so many ways and places on earth to get that full butterfly feeling. Being couple travellers is a wonderful thing!

Which of these tips for travelling as a couple will be helpful for you? And are there any other that works well in your couple trips? Share with us in the comments below or get in touch!

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